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Leslie Evans

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Leslie's Dollhouse

A project begun in 1990 and completed in 2004. The first pieces of furniture for the dollhouse/inn were actually built in 1987 but construction of the actual house was delayed while my wife Jennifer Charnofsky and I moved from Mar Vista to West Adams near USC and spent several years restoring a three-story 1910 Craftsman house, which is now a Los Angeles Cultural Historic Monument.

The dollhouse is based on the Altes Haus in Bacharach am Rhein, Germany, built in 1368. It is built in standard dollhouse scale, 1 inch to the foot, and contains more or less 12 rooms. It is conceived as an inn and the interior is from imagination aided by various books of German Renaissance interiors. The dollhouse plays Jewish Klezmer and Hungarian Gypsy music as well as works by Bach.