South Africa is the southernmost country on the African continent.

The country extends for about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from north to south, as well as from east to west. The country entirely surrounds the independent state of Lesotho.

Throughout the 20th century South African politics was dominated by the question of maintaining white supremacy over the country's black majority. In 1948 the new government of the white National Party introduced enforced segregation--apartheid--as a formal segregation policy; its built-in racial hierarchy fixed whites and blacks at opposite ends of the economic and political spectrum, with whites holding virtually all political power and owning most of the country's wealth.

In 1991, Negotiations toward a new, nonracial constitution began between the white-dominated government and black political organizations. The apartheid system was dismantled, and the government and the leading black political party, the ANC, cooperated in a transition to majority rule signaled by the holding of all-race democratic elections in April 1994. (,5716,70608+4+68826,00.html


Your Task:

During this activity, you will learn about the country of South Africa.

You will create a "South African Notebook" which will present a snapshot of this country.


Students will demonstrate their ability to use internet resources to investigate one country in depth and prepare a comprehensive presentation which explores multiple aspects of the government, economy, history, and current situation.

The following subjects should be included in your notebook. Follow the links below for questions and resources about South Africa.


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