Imperialism in Africa

In the nineteenth century, a new phase of Western expansion into Asia and Africa began. European nations began to view Asian and African societies as a source of natural resources and a market for Western manufactured goods.

Imperialism, or the extension of ones nation's power over others lands, was not new. However, the imperialism of the late 1800's was different. This "New Imperialism", was more rapid and more dominating. Whereas nations were once content with setting up trading posts to carry on trade and missionary activities - now nations sought nothing less than direct control over vast territories. (Spielvogel p.729)


Your task:

During this activity, you will learn about the 'New Imperialism' carried out by European powers in the 1800's and 1900's.

You will investigate various readings, maps, graphs, and charts to discover the impact of this 'New Imperialism' on the people of Africa

Begin by looking into Imperialism in the World in the section 'Imperialism and the World'.

Next, you will see, in detail, how imperialistic policies of European powers impacted the continent of Africa.


Proceed to the Process section for step by step instructions to complete this project.



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