!!! Look Look Look !!!

Note these changes to the assignment!!!!!!!

Today will be the last day you will be in this lab - you will start presenting on Tuesday - so use your time wisely - including the weekend ! ! ! !


1) By the end of the class period, you should have finished all of your requirements as an expert. Use this evening to polish this information into a professional format. Remember to save your information to your disk to use for your power point.

Each of you will present this to Ms. Hanna as a "professional packet" on TUESDAY ---- in addition to doing your presentation.


2) You are now required to complete only 7 out of the 9 requirements (as a cultural or marketing expert) or only 6 out of 8 requirements (as a production and advertsing expert )



3) A rubric for your group presentation has been added to the webpage. Use this to prepare the perfect presentation!

4) A new map link has been added to the site