European powers ceded the Sudetenland portion of Czechoslovakia to Germany in the Munich Pact of 1938.


Introduction Task Process Resources Assessment




In order to learn more about the Munich conference and the origins of World War II, our U.S. History classes will use the Internet and the library to explore the positions or these countries during the 1930's. A group of four will work together in order to explore the four major countries - France, Britain, Germany, and Italy - who participated in the Munich Conference.

The goal of this project is to familiarize the student with the political, social and economic factors that lead to World War II in Europe. By the completion of this project the student will have acquired an understanding of the four nations, and the importance of political understanding in order to avoid war.

Leaders At The Munich Conference October 6, 1938 Munich, Germany






Your group has been selected by your teacher to become an expert on a European nation in the 1930's. Each member of your group will take on one of the following roles:

Party Leader

You are responsible for explaining the ruling parties methods of achieving its goals.

Party/Country Historian

You are responsible for outlining the country's position at the Versailles treaty and history since the first World War. You should also outline the rulers achievements.

Country Leader

You are responsible for explaining the country's goals


You are responsible for outlining and understanding your country's political and social relationship with the other three countries.

You will research your nation form the perspective of your assigned role using the Internet, the library and your textbook. Using your research, you will create a one page summary sheet that states your position from this role. Be sure to include: specific facts and examples to support your claims and beliefs.

Headlines about the Munich meeting between the Big Four of Europe: Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, German dictator Adolf Hitler, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and Edouard Daladier of France. The result of the meeting was the Munich Pact, the notorious agreement ceding the Sudetenland to Nazi Germany.







How do I begin? You are encouraged to use your chapter 15 (Page 599) of your textbook. You can supplement this with material from the resource page that follows to gather information and pictures for your individual summary of your position.

You may cut and paste information found from your search but you may not download pages of information. Put the material you cut and paste on a separate Word document and print this out only. This will be handed in at the end of the class period each day we are working on this project.

Each member of the group must have their own fact sheet and information that pertains to their role and country. When all the members of your group have completed your fact sheets it is then time to combine all of your resources into a single group summary and prepare for your presentation.

While preparing yourself, consider these questions carefully!

What was your role in World War I? What were your goals during this war? Did you attack or defend your country? Did you fulfill your goals?

What was your role in the Versailles Treaty?

How do you feel you the terms of the treaty treated you? Fairly, unjustly?

What kind of government do you currently have? Democratic, Socialist, Fascist or Dictatorship? In what ways, has this affected or shaped your policies following the Versailles treaty and at the Munich Conference?

As a nation in 1938, what do you want or need? What is your objective?

How will you achieve it? How far are you willing to go to fulfill your goals?

How do you feel about the other countries at the conference?

For the presentation aspect of this project, your group will be responsible for the following:

  1. You must be prepared to explain and defend your countries position at the time of the Munich Conference!!!!
  2. A map of your country
  3. A flag of your country

The presentations will take place in Room 404. Dr. Barron and others have been invited to observe your presentations.

Prepare for the Munich Conference carefully - your knowledge can alter the outcome of history!!!







Please use the resources below as a starting point.

You are welcome to use Yahoo or Alta Vista to search engines on specific terms.

Ms. Anderson has also pulled a number of books about this period from the stacks.Using a variety of resources will enhance your understanding.

Munich Pact

Munich pact

The Munich PAct - document

Churchill Page

Information about Chamberlain

Elanor webpage

Information about Eduard Daladier

Fall of the weinmar republic

A lot of resources for Germany





Adolf Timeline

U.S. Isolationism

Policy Changes in 1938 - 1939


Rise of Hitler

Rise of Hitler


Italian Fascism


Biography of Mussolini

Stalinism origin and future








So what do I have to turn in? As you have figured out by now, there are two parts to this project - individual and group - and, therefore, two (2) assignments.

Individual Assignment

Each person will turn in a one page typed summary of your position from the perspective of your role.

Feel free to be creative!! Adopt your role and summarize your concerns and position. What does your country look like from your role??

Group Assignment

Your group is responsible for presenting a comphrensive and clear picture of your country as they appeared at the Munich Conference. Every member of your group has researched your country from a particular perspective and will be able to contribute to your group presentation - as either a researcher or presenter.Use the questions in the process section of this web page, your text, the Internet and the assistance of Ms. Everman and Mr. Lazarski as guides.

For the presentation, you must also create a flag and a map for your country.

Your group will also turn in a two page summary of your position at the Munich conference. Looking at yourselves as a country, who are you and what are you doing???



4 - Excellent Essay is throughoutly developed, complete and accurate: contains sophisticated, well-developed thesis that addresses the question; shows a master of the
3 - Satisfactory Essay is generally accurate, contains a clear thesis though it may not be thoroughly developed or complete; support of the thesis with some factual information, adequate understanding of the subject matter
2 - Marginal Essay is relevant to the question, however, the thesis is incomplete and not developed; limited mastery of subject matter, demonstrates little understand of the concept or idea
1 - Unsatisfactory Thesis is confused or not present; information provided is minimal, and lacks supporting information, or contains information that is irrelevant to the topic; lack of knowledge of subject matter
0 - Failure Missed deadline, plagiarism, cheating; rewriting is not permitted.





Introduction Task Process Resource Assessment

Created for Ms. Everman's 1st and 2nd period U.S. History Classes at Jones Academic High School

Chicago, Illinois by C. Lazarski