Learning Advice Pilgrims touch one of the walls of the ka'bah

1. Do you have a group of three? Each person in the group will choose to be one of the three Religious Leaders. (Islamic, Jewish or Christian)

2. Begin your Web Quest by going to the Task Page of the Web Quest, and reviewing your task as a Religious Leader

3. Minimize your Task Page, go back to your main menu and open up a new Word Document. Give this Document a name and then minimize it before going back to your Web Quest.

4. Visit the four specified cities using the Internet Links on the Resource Page, and search for information on your religion. Do not download the information from these sites. You must copy and paste the information on your religion to your Word Document. Do this by using Edit, copy the portion you want to save, minimize this page, and then enlarge the Word Document, go to Edit and paste. Then minimize your Word Document, and go back to your Web Quest.

5. Gather your information regarding; Religious Shrines in the four Cities, Religious Feast Days or Holy Days, Special Customs or Traditions, Role of Women in your faith


6. Design a Post Card for one of the four cities you visited. Put the information you found along with a picture that would represent this city or your religion on the front of your Post Card, and a summary of the above information.

7. Once you and your fellow Religious Leaders have completed your Web Quest of the four cities and your Religions, and have finished your Post Card, you need to begin your paper.

8. As a group you will combine your information on all 3 religions. Individually you will write an essay that compares and contrast the three religions. You must compare the religions in at least three ways. It may be helpful if you brainstorm for categories that all three religions share. For example, you may choose to compare the symbols, place of worship and holy days of all three religions. You must include ways in which each religion is similar or different on each point. Before you write your paper review the suggestions for writing a comparison contrast essay. How to write a comparison / contrast essay. Detail of Islamic art

9. With your partners, come up with at least 20 terms that are specific to the three religions you are studying, and attach these to your essay as a Glossary page. Make sure you include the definition. Your essay must be typed, include a glossary of terms, complete source log sheets, and a working bibliography for all resources used. Remember you may not download Any information found at the site, you must open up your Word Document and cut and paste pertinent information. Final print copy should be creatively written in your own