Process: Elderly Jewish Man


So, how do you begin?

First you must decide who in your group will be the

Christian Leader, Islamic Leader or Jewish Leader.

Then you will use the Resource page on

this webpage to gather information and pictures for

your post cards for one of the following cities that you will visit as the

religious leader of your group (Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem).

Remember: You may cut and paste information found from your search but you may not download pages of information. Put the material you cut and paste on a separate Word document edit the material and print this out only.

This will be handed in at the end of the class period each day we are

working on the WebQuest.

Each member of the group must have their own post card and

information that pertains to their religion. When all the members of

your group have completed their post cards it is then time to begin

working on your comparison contrast paper.



Your paper will be an essay comparing and contrasting

the three major religions of the Middle East.

You must include

Use your knowledge in your religion. You will also gather information on the two religions for which you are not a leader. You must rely on your group members for this information. Using that information complete a writing assignment.

Your summary must be typed and in 5 paragraph essay format, with an

introduction, 3 paragraph or more in the body, and a conclusion. One essay

per group, but you all must write an essay - individually.

Use this step by step guide to help you write your paper.

How to write a comparison / contrast paper.



Detail of Islamic tile