You beginning your trip to the Middle East



You have been selected by your World Cultures teacher to go on a

pilgrimage to the Middle East. You will stop to visit the following cities:

Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem.

Elderly Priest


Each member of your group will take on the role of

Religious leader representing either the Islamic, Christian

or Jewish faith. You will become an expert on your religion and are

expected to share your knowledge with the rest of your group.


Your goal will be to encourage spiritual understanding of your faith, by

designing and writing a post card telling about your visit to one of the

following cities - Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem or Bethlehem - so that the rest

of your group can share your understanding of your faith. Your postcard will

include a picture from the city, and information on the culture of this area

as well as the mainpoints of your religion.

A Christian Cross

Be sure to include:

Once you have finished your post cards, you will work with your group members to compose

your individual comparison contrast paper of the three religions.


In this summary, you will compare and contrast the three major religions of the Middle

East. You should describe the history of certain celebrations for your faith, symbols that

represent your faith, and any items used during worship or ceremonies. Be sure to include

any other interesting facts not included in your post cards, but are relevant to your

religions. The paper will be handed in and graded as an essay.


Be sure to follow the criteria given in class for writing your essay. Include the rough draft.

It goes without saying thatDove symbolizing Peaceeach member must give their group members information on

their religion.

No grade will be given without proof of each member's contribution to

the essay (rough draft).

Be sure to look at the outline for writing a comparison / contrast paper before you begin!

How to write a comparison / contrast paper.

See rubric for the post cards and paper on the evaluation page.