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Middle East Marketing Project


You are part of a team of marketing experts that has been hired by McDonald's fast food corporation of Oak Brook, Illinois to study the feasibility of selling their products in the Middle East. Each marketing team will investigate a different product and Middle Eastern country.


Your group will then make an oral presentation to the McDonald's CEO and recommend whether your company should enter the Middle Eastern market and what changes McDonald's should make to its' products to make them appealing to that culture.

The Task:

Moving into a foreign market requires extensive research. As we have learned, each country has different customs, laws, and tastes. Companies often market their products quite differently in foreign countries. They often find that the names of products used in the United States are offensive or silly when translated.They find that they must alter their products in order to conform to local tastes or to comply with certain laws or religious customs.Companies must offer different products to meet the challenge of a new market. Employers have to be aware of customs and laws in dealing with employees. Businesses must determine whether there is even a market for their product or if they can create one through advertising.


In order to determine whether or not an American product will sell in the Middle East, your team must do a complete analysis of the country and what you will need to produce, market, and advertise your product. There will be four parts to your group's oral report, each will be the responsibility of a different expert:



If you group has three people, your entire group is responsible for completing the assignments of the Advertising Expert.

Presentation Rubric



The following general Middle Eastern Internet Resources will help your team:

Virtual Library of Middle Eastern Studies

This site lists information by the name of the Middle Eastern country and then by subject. You can choose the subject index and then search under business, food, human rights, labor, food, music, agriculture, immigration, maps, etc. for specific information.

Yahoo Regional Search of Countries

All countries maintain information on doing business in their country under government web sites.

Infonation: Choose a Country

Find geographic and demographic information for each country. This is a fantastic site for any kind data and comparison charts.

Online Intelligence Project
This site links to international news, commerce, and reference resources on the WWW.
Various sections also link to familiar US/UN resources such as the State/Defense Departments, World Bank, and so forth.
Lonely Planet Travel Guides Web Site


Click on the map until you get the precise country and then you can click on individual cities to get information about travel there and what it is like. The second link will take you to information about the Middle East in the lonely planet travel guide.


Iranians - look -recent article in New York Times


Great place for maps - with additional country information






Cultural Expert: You must prepare this section of the report and advise the other members of your group on culture. Your job is to interpret the statistics and other factual information to give us the real picture of the country.

You are required to do these things:

Make a timeline of history of your country's important events (list a minimum of 20, make sure that you have at least 5 in the twentieth century).

  1. Make a table of information that includes the type of government and names of 5 important officials
  2. Create a concise 2 paragraph report on a recent political, economic crisis, and/or example of anti-American attitudes.
  3. Make or find a map not larger than 8 X 10 of the geographical features, major cities (the population of cities should be shown by symbols), major roads and railways, and a legend
  4. Research any tourist attractions that may be of interest to your company. Show these on the map above and write a brief paragraph about each.
  5. ****Write one paragraph each about two major holidays (religious, national or historical) and how they are celebrated (religious or historical holidays that are celebrated nation wide). Explain how your company may use a holiday theme to sell your product.
  6. Make a chart or graph of the religious make-up of your country that reflects the percentage of people who practice each religion.
  7. Research etiquette and make a list or cartoons about 5 do's and don'ts for people to follow when doing business in your assigned country.
  8. ****Write a two paragraph statement that summarizes the role of women in your country.
  9. Report on any human rights problems, rebellions or dissident groups that may cause instability in your country (one paragraph minimum).

Arrange all your information in a portfolio to present to the CEO (also known as the teacher) and make an oral presentation to the class with your group using PowerPoint.

**** You must do these requirements

You can go to this page and print off a copy of these requirements. Cultural Expert Print

Library of Congress Country Study


Chiefs of State and Leaders of Middle Eastern Countries


Central Intelligence Agency - World Fact Book


World Skip contains many links and resources.


Amnesty International-Human Rights






Marketing Expert: You need to work with the cultural expert to determine how best to market your product. You are in charge of how the product will be altered, what new products will be added to the menu, how to package your product. Work closely with the production expert to determine the products and packaging. Work with the advertising expert on the commercial.

These are your requirements:

  1. You will modify the menu for the Middle Eastern market. You will change at least two products for the tastes of this country (add or remove spices, condiments, sauces or ingredients). Add at least three items that are national dishes or beverages to the menu. Determine what beverages are legal and customary. Explain why you made these changes and additions in paragraph form
  2. Determine the cost of each item in the currency of the country and determine if this is a competitive price. Estimate the price of the product in America and calculate the price in the currency of your country. Do you think this price is fair considering the average wage of a worker in your country?
  3. Make a sample menu. Think of the 5 most important items on the McDonald's menu and use those. The menu should list and describe each item in terms that would appeal to the customer, include pictures, and the price in the national currency.
  4. Make a mock up of the packaging and explain the changes that you made. This should be consistent with the product but incorporate language, symbols, color, and environmental laws (some countries outlaw Styrofoam and plastic).
  5. Report about at least 2 other fast food businesses in your assigned country and explain how you will beat the competition in paragraph form. (3 paragraphs)
  6. Report on who your market will be and list the names of 5 magazines or newspapers that you will publish advertisements in and explain why based on who reads these publications
  7. Show on a map where you will locate your first 3 outlets and explain why.
  8. Tell about 3 cultural taboos that you will avoid - food, serving customs, male/female relations, words or phrases, etc. Tell what hours you will have your outlet open and what when you will have your peak traffic hours (meals are eaten at different times in different cultures).
  9. Write a description of who your target buyer will be- age range, income, interests, etc. Work with the advertising expert on the production of the commercial to target that person.

    Arrange all your information in a portfolio to present to the CEO (also known as the teacher), and make an oral presentation to the class with your group using PowerPoint.

You can go to this page and print off a copy of these requirements. Marketing Expert Print

World Skip contains much cultural and marketing information.


Harvard Middle Eastern Studies site provides detailed national information.






Production Expert: You must find out what you will need to make your product in the Middle East and how you will get it. You will need to research which raw materials are available, and whether they are up to your standards and price. You will also determine where the product will be made.

You are required to do these things:

  1. Make a pie chart or bar graph showing the chief agricultural products of your country. Do you think that you can get all of the ingredients for your products locally or will you have to import? (2 Paragraphs)
  2. Make a map showing population density.
  3. Make a pie chart or bar graph showing ethnic groups, or income groups. Include a one paragraph explanation of who these groups are.
  4. Research economic and population statistics including (population, population growth, literacy, per capita income, Gross Domestic Product). Make a table or graph, of these figures.
  5. Interpret the statistics in number four to research the population - what is the break down of the population as far as age, sex, per capita income?
  6. Research the labor laws and cost - how much will you pay your workers, how many hours can they work, what are the restrictions, holidays? Report on this in a list.
  7. List 5 customs you must be aware of for your employees.
  8. Make a map to show where you will locate your production and distribution facility and explain what makes it the best place – in terms of transportation, access to ingredients, and labor pool. Write this in paragraph form. (3 Paragraphs)

    Arrange all your information in a portfolio to present to the CEO (also known as the teacher), and make an oral presentation to the class with your group using PowerPoint.

You can go to this page and print off a copy of these requirements. Prodution Expert Print

Provides links to the homepages of the countries of the Middle East


World Skip contains many resources about production in the countries of the Middle East.




Advertising Expert: You must make a commercial and print ad that uses your knowledge of the culture and statistical information about your country.

You are required to:

  1. Study the demographic information and consult with the marketing expert to choose whom you will target the commercial for your product towards. Work with the marketing expert to write a description of the target buyer of your product. Include age, income, type of job, interests.
  2. Design a print ad with your target buyer in mind to place in magazines or newspapers.
  3. ****Write a script for a TV commercial to sell to your target buyer. Make sure that it will not be more than one minute in length. Don't forget to plan the stage directions, narration, music, graphics, etc.
  4. Choose a hero or celebrity from your country (real, mythical, or literary) to endorse to your product and appear in your commercial (explain who you chose and why in paragraph form).
  5. You should use music or a jingle that is culturally appropriate (research the type of music, instruments, and/or musical themes). Explain what music you chose and why.
  6. You should incorporate the changes in the menu and packaging that the marketing expert has made in your commercial.
  7. Make sure that your commercial is sensitive to the culture by checking with several people. List at least 2 people you checked with and why they are qualified. Do not use cheap humor or cultural stereotypes.
  8. Your commercial should be in the language of the country, but most commercials have very few words. Write an English translation of your commercial.

    Arrange all your information in a portfolio to present to the CEO (also known as the teacher), and present your commercial to the class with explanations.

**** You must do these requirements

You can go to this page and print off a copy of these requirements. Advertising Expert Print

World Skip contains many resources for advertising to the people of your country..




  Daily Requirements:

  1. Group Journal
  2. Compete a group journal for everyday you are in the classroom that states what you as an individual completed that day. Each group member sign this journal. This will be given to the teacher at the end of the period.

  3. Floppy Disk
  4. You are required to buy or bring a floppy disk that will be used for this project only. You will save everything that you cut and paste off of the Internet into Word on this disk. Nothing should be saved on you computer. This disk will be given to Mr. Lazarski or Ms. Hanna at the end of class and given back to you at the beginning of class.

  5. Cut and Paste
  6. Remember you must copy and paste information to a Word Document. Do this by using highlighting the text, right click to copy the portion you want to save, minimize this page, and then enlarge the Word Document, go to Edit and paste. Then minimize your Word Document, and go back to you’re the Web site.

  7. No E-mail
  8. Checking or using your e-mail is strictly prohibited while we are doing this project.

  9. Be creative

This is an intense project that entails hard work and concentration. However, it will also expose us to the different aspects of the Middle East as well as a real world task. Remember corporations are constantly surveying and analyzing culture to determine how to sell a new product or how to sell more of an existing product. In our class, we will be doing the same thing. Use your creativity and prior knowledge to create a presentation that will explain your position to the CEO.



Project Requirements:

There are two parts to your grade:

  1. Each student will compile their "expert" materials in a packet. You will be graded on the degree to which you accomplish all requirements set forth for your role. Each student will turn in a "check off" sheet with their collection of completed requirements. You can cut, paste and print your "expert" sheet and simply check off the assignments as you complete them.

  3. Each group will create a powerpoint presentation. In this 5 minute presentation, you will explain key elements of your countries culture, how you propose McDonald's should market products to your nation and how McDonald's should produce your products in your country. Remember, you are telling the CEO of McDonald's what they will have to do to successfully sell hamburgers or other products to the people of your country.

Power point suggestions:

Your presentation will give reasons why McDonald's should or should not open a restaurant in your country. You will create 10-12 slides which contain pertinent information about your country. This information can be anything one of your experts collected - but it should support your argument. Refer to specific facts of the country which support your opinion. Be sure to include a title slide and a concluding slide. Remember to make your slides colorful, eye-catching, and easy to read. Don't forget to include interesting and pertinent clip art and/or photos. Sound can also be added.

Prepare to orally present your PowerPoint show, keeping in mind the criteria for giving a good presentation. Refer to the PowerPoint Presentation Rubric below to see how you will be evaluated.  

Presentation Rubric

Beginning D
Developing C
Accomplished B
Exemplary A
Graphic Design
No graphics present
A few graphics present which loosely relate to the topic
The graphics are well placed and help focus the viewer on the topic.
Numerous well-placed graphics add special interest and enhance the content of the presentation.


Organization of Content
Lack of logical sequence
Content is somewhat organized, but in a confusing or illogical manner
The order and structure of the presentation is usually focused on the main idea of the content.
The order and structure of the presentation clearly focus and enhance the content of the presentation.


Numerous errors in punctuation, spelling, and capitalization
Errors in mechanics are not overwhelming, but are distracting.
Few errors in mechanics

Text is concise and to the point.

No errors in mechanics

Text is highly polished


Subject Knowledge
Many required facts are missing.
A few of the required facts are missing or are incorrect.
The required facts are present and are clearly included.
All required facts are included in an interesting way. Additional information enhances the content of the presentation.


Persuasive Argument
Presentation is not convincing.
Presentation contains arguments on the positives or negatives of country, but they are confusing or illogical.
Presentation contains valid arguments positive or negative for McDonald's to open in their country.
Presentation contains strong, convincing arguments either negative or positive.


Oral Presentation Skills
Presenter is hard to hear, makes little or no eye contact with audience, and speaks without emotion.
Presenter makes some eye contact, but lacks emotion in presenting the information.
Presenter makes eye contact with the audience, speaks clearly and audibly, and occasionally speaks with emotion.
Oral presentation is highly polished. Presenter speaks clearly, audibly, and with convincing emotion.