Newgrange, Bru na Boinne, County Meath

Newgrange, one of three passage tombs in Bru na Boinne, was built over 5,000 years ago. The tomb is exactly positioned so that at dawn on Winter Solstice, a shaft of light penetrates the passageway and illuminates the inner chamber. The passage to the center of the tomb is about 20 metres long, the inner chamber is about 5 metres deep / 6.5 metres wide, and the ceiling of this inner chamber is spiraled upward using huge stones that were stacked in a corbelled roof pattern, about 6 metres high. Inside are many etchings, the most significant of which is the tri-spiral design, which you can see here on the entrance stone. Nobody knows exactly what these designs meant to the original artists, why the tomb itself was constructed, and how it was so carefully aligned with the solstice. (Click on photo for larger view.)

Newgrange Entrance Stone, copyright 1997 Laurie Young
Newgrange Entrance Stone

Tri-spiral Etchings, copyright 1997 Laurie Young Tri-spiral Etchings on Newgrange Entrance Stone Solstice Window at Top of Entrance, copyright 1997 Laurie Young Solstice Window at Top of Entrance

Back of the Mound, copyright 1997 Laurie Young Back of the Mound

Passage Tomb at Newgrange, Si an Bhru, copyright 1997 Laurie Young Passage Tomb at Newgrange, Si an Bhru

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