Glendalough, County Wicklow

Glendalough is a monastic site that was founded by St. Kevin in the sixth century. The Gateway arches (below, center) lead you into the cashel where you will find the often-photographed Round Tower, remains of several churches and cathedrals, and old gravestones.

About 20 minutes west along a solitary path through the woods, you pass by the lower lake on your way to the upper lake and the sloping mountains that surround it. There, the Caher, a stone walled circular enclosure next to a simple cross (pictured right), preside over the lake, mountains and woods which are filled with waterfalls, crosses, temples, and St. Kevin's bed and cell. (Click on photos for larger view.)


The Caher, copyright 1998 Laurie Young
The Caher
The Round Tower, copyright 1998 Laurie Young
The Round Tower

The Gateway Arches, copyright 1998 Laurie Young
The Gateway Arches

Cross, copyright 1998 Laurie Young

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