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Fishing in Cambodia requires patience - but does bring rewards



This fish, we think, is an African Pompino. The one on the left, 6 Kg. The one on the right 7 Kg.
All the fish of this type we caught on live bait - squid. It is difficult to get live squid, often impossible. When we do get it we buy it from Cambodian fishermen on the water. It can be expensive 3-5 squid for a dollar.



Three happy fishermen. The big fish on the left can not be eaten as a fillet or steak. It is full of tiny bones. The locals prepare it by scraping out the meat with a spoon, mashing it up into a paste, and making fish balls. The fish in the center, looks similar, but the meat is very good to eat.
This fish is the same as the fish in the center of the picture to the left. Very good to eat. The cook is unhappy, she has mistaken this fish for the one on the far left and doesn't want to prepare it. Once cut open the fish showed its true colors and both cook and fishermen were happy.

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