las cadre
richard akers
jennifer brazelton
jason dunn
michelle gregor
sterling archer israel
susannah israel
chris kanyusik
bill lassell
tom michelson
noelle nakama
tomoko nakazato
eric sanchez
tiffany schmierer
saadi shapiro
elaine toland
shalene valenzuela
hue yang

"general eclectic: the first 5 years of las cadre"

las cadre exhibition at
Black Bean Ceramic Art Center
561 Emory St, San Jose
October 2-29, 2011

read the review at ArtShift: Cultural Tectonics


"las cadre" features the diverse creations of many working artists. We recognize the need for vigorous conversation as an essential part of our creative process. The group, now in its third year, holds monthly potlucks and critiques, rotating among our studios.

The DIY ethic is shared by each of the artists. We seek out opportunities to support and celebrate each other's vision, beyond conventional and commercial venues. We encourage you to give us your feedback and we hope that you enjoy the art.

las cadre's critiques

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