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What I Like About EarthLink. EarthLink has the most effective spam blocker of any nationwide ISP. Also, they are the only Internet Service Provider that had enough balls to mount a legal challenge to the Federal Government's demand to install a Carnivore box on their system.

What I Don't Like About EarthLink. I have EarthLink 1.2Meg DSL. I wish I had something faster but I live too far from the central station and cable Internet is too expensive.

Save America Now that our dysfunctional government has completely destroyed the middle class and continues to move in the direction of total euthanization of our senior citizens by denying them access to affordable health care, America will descend into shoddiness unless it can find ways to use its awesome engineering talent. We need to find ways to use our engineering and technical skills or we will loose our superiority in these areas. We've all seen what happens to government when three of the most powerful special interest groups (doctors, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical companies) try to influence government policy. We want a private group—not NASA— Virgin Galactic, Armadillo Aerospace, Blue Origin, Masten Space Systems, and XCOR Aerospace controlling our country's destiny in space. Support the Artemis project and show the world that we have what it takes. Make the future happen. NOW! otherwise our country will be destroyed after China (or some other country) attacks us from a military base they will build on the moon or some other planet.

Join Artemis Society International!

Attention Politicians You will only correct the economy by creating jobs for AMERICAN engineers who will create exciting new products people want to buy. In America, we have Government of the Corporations, by the Corporations, and for the Corporations, The rights of the individual citizens do not matter any more.
For the benefit of the high-school dropouts reading this page, socialism is a form of society where the industry and government are the same entity. Fascism is the partnering of government and business that tramples the rights of the individual. The refusal of our government to create legislation to quash the abusive hiring practices of large corporations is the result of large payoffs of government officials by persons paid to bribe them (lobbyists.)

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