This is a photo of the USS Ward gun crew #3 sometime after the "First Shot" at the Japanese submarine on 7 December 1941.

It was posed especially for the military cameras (see the Public Affairs Officer in the lower right hand corner)?

USS Ward (DD-139)

Dedicated to all Minnesota naval reservists.


Three reserve officers and 82 reserve enlisted men of the 47th Division, 11th Battalion, 9th Naval District, serving at the Naval Training Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, were activated on January 25, 1941, specifically for duty on the destroyer USS Ward, then in San Diego.

They answered the call, manned the ship, trained, sailed to Pearl Harbor and joined the harbor patrol.

They were in the necessary spot for action and, at 6:45 am on December 7th, 1941,
they sighted a Japanese submarine in the mouth of the harbor.

They fired the first shot of World War II for the United States.

The Ward crew served proudly during a number of campaigns throughout the war.

A memorial to their service, consisting of the 4"/50 No. 3 gun and a tablet of names of crew members,
is on the State Capital grounds in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The full story of the USS Ward can be obtained in booklet form
(50 pages)

The First Shot Naval Veterans
PO Box 17235
St. Paul, MN 55117