Twin Cities Navy Chapter of the Reserve Officers Association


The Twin Cities Navy Chapter
is part of the Reserve Officers Association of the United States.

Twin Cities Navy is organized as Minnesota Chapter 31 under the Department of Minnesota, ROA.

Announcement to Minnesota ROA Members
Naval Services Members:

The Twin Cities Navy Chapter of ROA - MN/031
Status: The Chapter is in Inactive Status
as of April 2011 by action of the Department of Minnesota Board of Directors.

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Twin Cities Navy is one of four ROA Chapters in the Department of Minnesota. The other chapters are organized around a particular service, command or geographic area.


Any reserve officer qualified to be a member of ROA may choose to be affiliated with Twin Cities Navy. This affiliation can occur at the time of initial ROA membership (choice on the web form or paper membership form), or using the web membership info change method and requesting affiliation.


Naval Services

The Twin Cities Navy Chapter is Twin Cities in name only and operates
for the benefit of all Naval Services members in the State of Minnesota
including officers affiliated with:

Naval Reserve (USNR)
Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR)
United States Coast Guard Reserve (USCGR)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Public Health Service (PHS)


The State of Minnesota has a long history of providing reserve officers and enlisted personnel to the naval services of the United States.

For example, the USS Ward (DD-139), the destroyer that fired the first shot at Pearl Harbor in World War II (at a Japanese submarine), had a crew made up of, primarily, naval reservists from Minnesota. Those Minnesota reservists, consisting of three reserve officers and 82 enlisted men, were activated from the St. Paul Navy Training Center on January 25, 1941. That was about 10 months before the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. See our wall display at the 934th Airlift Wing (Ft. Snelling) Officers Club, Post Road, on the unit's mobilization and this historic event.

During the summer of 2002 the Japanese submarine that the USS Ward gun crew hit on December 7, 1941, was discovered in 1200 feet of water between 2 and 3 miles from the mouth of Pearl Harbor. The hole in the conning tower of the midget (2-man) submarine confirmed the hit by the USS Ward.

A monument to their service, including the 4"/50 naval gun used, is on the State Capital grounds in St. Paul.


Here are some of the important Twin Cities Navy organizational documents (officers, constitution and by-laws).


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Navy Commands in Minnesota

NROTC (University of Minnesota)

Officer Recruiting Program Contact

Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC), Minneapolis, (Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport)

Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Annex, Twin Cities (Ft. Snelling, St. Paul)

Marine Corps Units/4th Marine Division in Minnesota

Military Police Company, HQ Battalion, (Navy & MC Annex, Ft. Snelling, St. Paul)

Det A, 4th Maintenance Battalion (NOSC, Minneapolis)

Marine Air Wing Support Squadron 471, Det. A, Marine Wing Support Group 47 (NOSC, Minneapolis)

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