Sonic Arts Simul-SQ Encoding

Because of my misreading of personal letters from recording engineer and producer Leo de Gar Kulka and my failure to thoroughly read album notes, I mistakenly believed that several Sonic Arts records were SQ-encoded. A couple (LS-28Q and LS-29) genuinely are, but the others I now identify as "Simul-SQ-encoded". In this I'm using de Gar Kulka's term, as he describes it in the notes for the "Wheels & Pipes" album:
"LS-28S (stereo) ... is recorded ... with the AKG single-microphone Stereo System in the Sum/Difference Mode. The upper (side) element was in the 'Fig.8' bi-directional mode and the lower element (sum) was at first in the Cardiod Mode. I then opened the rear of the Cardiod element to a semi-figure '8' so that the rear element would pick up a degree of rear eminating ambience. The stand was placed in about the middle of the hall; exactly where it was standing when I recorded the 'ORGANASM' (LS-15) album. Like the LS-15, the particular matrixing I use is a simul-SQ encoding, and will therefore also decode into a most realistic quad or omni-sound effect when used in conjunction with any quad decoder and fed to multiple speakers."

Therefore, strictly speaking, these albums are not SQ-encoded. Nevertheless, de Gar Kulka expressly recorded and mixed them to represent the effect of being at the original performance when processed through an SQ decoder.

Last updated: October 13, 2001