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MultiChannelSound was once much more than a record shop.  From 1979 through 1986, a group of extraordinary friends and I produced a series of publications to report news and discuss issues about surround sound.

First came The QUAD Quarterly.  It provided corrections and updates (quad records were still appearing) to my quadraphonic discography, QUAD Incorporated.  After two years, we renamed it MCS Review when we expanded the publication to include articles, reviews and more extensive news.  During this period, some issues exceeded 40 pages.

By the end of 1985, the publication had looked at about every surround-sound topic we could imagine.  So, we changed to mostly just reporting new developments and delivered these in a light-weight (4 pages) monthly format, which we called MultiChannelSound.  This final format did not last very long, just a few issues.  Producing MultiChannelSound was strictly a labor of love, performed outside of day job hours.  A mid-life career change, a daily two-hour commute and night school left no time for quad.  And so in 1986 I folded the publication.

I've offered some back issues for years, but, because the Internet makes it so simple to publish electronically, I'm now placing the best articles from these publications on-line.

I no longer have digital copies of these articles.  They lived on a PC I discarded long ago.  As a result, I am scanning them from printed copies and then editing the result to remove the many errors scanning introduces.  Therefore, expect to see a new article posted about once a week.

With the resurgence of surround sound, I'll concentrate especially on making available articles about Ambisonics.  Ambisonics is an extraordinary system which deserves to become the standard mechanism for recording, mixing and playing back surround sound.  Unless you are a partisan who's making a buck on one of the current digital surround systems, once you've read about Ambisonics, I think you'll come to agree.

Title Author Issue
Ambisonics:  An Incomplete Glossary Dr. Geoffrey Barton MCS Review, Vol.3, No.4, March 1982
Ambisonics Decoded William Sommerwerck MCS Review, Vol.3, No.1, June 1981
The Fosgate Research Tate II SQ Decoder And The Minim AD10 Ambisonic Decoder William Sommerwerck MCS Review, Vol.5, No.4, Spring 1984
In Defense of Four-Channel Sound Harry Maynard MCS Review, Vol.4, No.1, Summer 1982
More About Recording Perspective William Sommerwerck MCS Review, Vol.6, No.3, Winter 1985
The Revelation of Surround Sound Peter Fellgett MCS Review, Vol.6, No.1, Summer 1984
Still More About Recording Perspective Peter Fellgett MCS Review, Vol.6, No.4, Spring 1985
Surround Sound Imaging William Sommerwerck The QUAD Quarterly, Vol.2, No.1, June 1980
The Tate Directional Enhancement System:  A History Jim Fosgate MCS Review, Vol.4, No.4, Spring 1983
The Threat of Dolby Surround William Sommerwerck, with comments by Peter Scheiber MultiChannelSound, Vol.1, Nos.4/5, October-November 1986
Understanding the Scheiber Sphere William Sommerwerck MCS Review, Vol.4, No.3, Winter 1983
What's So Special About Surround Sound Larry Clifton MCS Review, Vol.5, No.4, Spring 1984

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