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To calculate shipping charges, please use the Shipping Charge Calculator below.

Following the calculator I describe the shipping methods available to U.S. addresses and to other countries.

Shipping Charge Calculator  
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Media Mail in U.S. (includes insurance)
First-Class Package International (no insurance)

The calculator works with the Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, but feel free to give it a try with other JavaScript-enabled browsers.

In the calculator, select your country and, if in the U.S., enter your 5-digit ZIP Code.  Enter the number of LPs, cassettes, CDs and 45-rpm singles you wish to order.  For U.S. destinations, the calculator automatically displays the charge for shipping by First Class/Priority Mail and Media Mail.  For international destinations, it displays the charge for shipping by Priority Mail International and First-Class Package International.

Be sure to count every LP, CD and cassette in sets containing multiple LPs, CDs or cassettes.  Also note that a few single LP albums — primarily those from Sonic Arts — count as 2 LPs for shipping because of their extra heavy records and deluxe packaging.

If the calculator does not work for you, please send me the list of the items you wish to order; I'll calculate the shipping and reply with the result.

Please let me know of problems you encounter using the calculator.  I wrote it in 2002 when making Web pages dynamic was no simple task, so the logic is pretty complex.  Since its introduction, it has worked perfectly.  Nevertheless, for all orders I'll recalculate shipping by hand and let you know immediately if it gave you a wrong total. After all, it could try to charge you too much.

Let me know by e-mail if the country selection list does not include your country.  I'll add it as soon as I hear from you.

Shipping to U.S. Addresses

Within the U.S., I can ship by First Class/Priority Mail or Media Mail.

First Class/Priority Mail:  Provides delivery in 2 to 3 days.  The rate varies with shipping distance.  From my Virginia location, the highest charge applies for Alaska, Hawaii and states along and near the West Coast.  The charge is less to states closer to Virginia, and much less to addresses in Virginia and adjacent states.

The cost of shipping by Priority Mail includes insurance to protect your order from loss or damage.

Media Mail:  Provides delivery in a week or two, and sometimes later (and occasionally sooner).  I can ship two LPs or three CDs for $5.92 to anywhere in the country, so it provides a very affordable alternative.

The cost of shipping by Media Mail includes insurance to protect your order from loss or damage.

Sales Tax:  Virginia residents, please add 6% for sales tax to the merchandise total.

Shipping to Other Countries

I can ship to other countries either by Priority Mail International or First-Class Package International.

Priority Mail International:  The rates vary from country to country.  As a general indication of cost, the table below shows the charge to send two LPs or three CDs to all the countries where I have customers.

Destination Priority Mail International
Country 2 LPs or 3 CDs Insured?
Australia 51.55 Yes
Austria 47.70 Yes
Brazil 47.55 Yes
Canada 35.90 Yes
China 52.45 Yes
Croatia 53.55 Yes
Czech Republic 53.55 Yes
Denmark 47.70 Yes
Finland 47.70 Yes
France 44.90 Yes
Germany 44.80 Yes
Great Britain and Northern Ireland 53.25 Yes
Hong Kong 47.20 Yes
Israel 47.70 Yes
Italy 47.70 Yes
Japan 52.00 Yes
Mexico 42.80 Yes
Netherlands 44.90 Yes
Poland 53.55 Yes
Slovenia 47.70 Yes
Spain 47.70 Yes
Sweden 47.70 Yes
Switzerland 47.70 Yes
Turkey 53.55 Yes
Ukraine 53.55 Yes

To most countries, the cost of shipping by Priority Mail International includes insurance to protect your order from loss or damage.  The table identifies the countries for which insurance is not available.

First-Class Package International:  This can cost less than Priority Mail International, especially for very small orders.  However, it has two serious limitations:  At most I can ship the equivalent of about 6 LPs, and no insurance is available.

If you choose shipment by First-Class Package International, you accept the risk if your order is lost or damaged.  I will not replace it.

For comparison with the Priority Mail International rates above, the following table shows the cost to ship two LPs or three CDs by First-Class Package International.

First-Class Package International
(no insurance)
2 LPs or 3 CDs
Australia 23.25
Austria 23.00
Brazil 23.00
Canada 16.00
China 23.25
Croatia 22.75
Czech Republic 22.70
Denmark 23.00
Finland 23.00
France 23.00
Germany 23.00
Great Britain and Northern Ireland 23.00
Hong Kong 23.25
Israel 23.00
Italy 23.00
Japan 23.25
Mexico 21.25
Netherlands 23.00
Poland 22.75
Slovenia 23.00
Spain 23.00
Sweden 23.00
Switzerland 23.00
Turkey 22.75
Ukraine 22.75


Last updated: February 7, 2016

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