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Welcome to Larry Clifton's MultiChannelSound Shop.  Here you will find new quadraphonic and Ambisonic recordings which I acquired in the 1980s to sell through my mail-order store, the MultiChannelSound Shop.

Even though these recordings are hard to find, I'm trying to go out of business, so this is a clearance sale.  Consequently, I've discounted the price of everything, even uncut items.  For each title, I show the manufacturer's suggested list and your price, which is my clearance sale price.

Here's a sample listing of a few items from my shop.  As you can see, during this sale you can buy these recordings for less than you would have paid when they were first released 25 or 30 years ago.

Title and Contents (title color indicates type of music: popular, classical, or shows and films) Label and Number Format List Price Your Price
Sisters Sisters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, composed and conducted by Bernard Herrmann) — previously available as Entr’acte ERQ-7001, now digitally remastered; LP pressed on Teldec vinyl Southern Cross SCAR-5004 QS-encoded LP
Loose CabooseLoose Caboose/Stay All Night — includes Peaceful Easy Feeling, Hobo’s Lullaby, Kickin’ Mule, Sweet Baby James, Orange Blossom Special, & many more — One of only three Ambisonic recordings from IMF Electronics; The New Reformation Dixieland Band/Beginnings (AMB-5201) and Chris Bickley & the Reef Petroleum Big Band/Gonna Fly Now (AMB-5202) were the other two.  When IMF shut down in the early '80s, I bought all their remaining stock of these titles; I've sold out of all except Loose Caboose. IMF Electronics AMB-5203 UHJ-encoded LP
Mancini & Severinson Brass Ivory & Strings Henry Mancini & Doc Severinson/Brass, Ivory & Strings — includes Help Me Make It Through the Night, Without You, Make It with You, Lover Man, & more RCA Victor APD1-0098 CD-4 Quadradisc LP
Zukerman Four Seasons Vivaldi/The Four Seasons (Pinchas Zukerman/English Chamber Orchestra) — CBS originally released separate quad and stereo versions of this recording, then dumped the stereo version in favor of the quad.  This "stereo" LP contains that original quad version and, on the rear cover, above all the credits, proudly declares "IN SURROUND SOUND". CBS Masterworks M-31798 SQ-encoded LP

All recordings are new (or new cut-outs) and most are still sealed in their original shrink wrap.  They include LPs, cassettes, CDs and even a 45-rpm record.  Many of the LP and cassette titles are no longer available in any form.  For those that do now exist on Compact Disc, generally the manufacturers have remastered them in stereo, so only the original LP or cassette contained the surround version.  This is true for all Angel titles and for nearly all CBS Masterworks, Candide, Turnabout and Vox Box titles.

If you spot any titles you might want, don't delay.  Most are very hard to find, and I have few copies of most (in many cases only one or two).  Almost every time I receive an order, more titles disappear.  Since 1999 I have sold out of more than 410, including more than a half dozen in 2008, and I expect many more to go in the coming months.

Organization of the Sale Lists

If you use a browser that supports Dynamic HTML, try the Quadraphonic and Ambisonic Search.  Use it to easily find any recording by encoding format, recording medium, or music category.  You can ask to see only cut-outs, only new, uncut albums, or both; and enter search words to find a specific, composer, song, composition, label, or album number.

If you do not have a Dynamic HTML browser, take a look at the static lists.  These I've organized by encoding format.  You'll find separate lists for:

In the lists for each encoding format, I've organized the items alphabetically.  In some lists, most items are recordings of classical music, but you'll also find some popular, shows and films, and even sound effects titles.  To help you locate the different types of music, I've highlighted the titles with distinctive colors:  popular, classical , shows and films , and sound effects .

Half Off All Cassettes

I've reduced all cassette titles by 50%.  The regular sale price for most cassettes is $7.98; that makes the half-off price $3.99.  You'll see the regular sale price in the listing.  Your price is half the regular sale price.

You can find cassettes on the UHJ Ambisonic page.  I have several Ambisonic cassettes available, but I've sold all my SQ cassette titles.

Place your order promptly.  At these prices, I don't expect these new and factory-sealed tapes to hang around very long.

Shipping Charges

Please see the Shipping page.

How to Place an Order

Please send the list of items you want to order to my e-mail address (see How to Contact Me below).  I'll verify that I can supply every item and reply with your total, including shipping and, for Virginia customers, State sales tax.  If you agree to the total, I'll reserve your items until your payment arrives.

Paying for Your Order

For U.S. customers, I can accept payment by personal check or money order.  For customers outside the U.S., please send payment in a form drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. funds.   That includes international money order, international bank draft or personal check.

For both U.S. and international customers, I also accept payment via PayPal (account id: larryclifton@gmail.com).

Virginia residents, please add 6% for sales tax to the merchandise total.

Please make your money order, bank draft, or check payable to Larry Clifton.

Send it and your final order to my mail address below.

How to Contact Me

e-mail: LarryClifton@gmail.com
mail: Larry Clifton
MultiChannelSound Shop
P.O. Box 123
Capron, VA  23829-0123

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions this page did not answer?  Give the Frequently Asked Questions page a try.

Last updated: September 26, 2015