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On this page are listed available puppet scripts, organized by church year,  each identified by title, Scripture verse, topic, and theme.  If you see one you like, simply email me and I will send it to you immediately.

Volume VII

New Sunday School Year

The Season After Pentecost: Ordinary Time



Title                                        Scripture                Topic                                                       Theme                                                   


401.  Opening Day                   ***                          Puppet Baseball                        God’s at work in the world                      


402.  The Bambino                  Book of Ruth           Ruth, Naomi, and Jesus’ lineage                God uses the unexpected, Opening Kickoff


403.  Inclusive Language          1 Corinthians 13      The Love Chapter                   Love is an action    


404.  Hide and Seek and You Shall Find

                                                1 John                      God calls outsiders in                                Including everyone

405.  What’s In a Name                           1 Samuel 1-2            Hannah prays for a baby          Grace


406.  Honky Tonk                   1 Samuel 3                              God calls Samuel in the night    Listening to God


407.  Candy is Dandy but Music is Divine

                                                1 Samuel 16:14-23   David soothes Saul with music  Cheering up sad friends, All Saints Day                    

408.  That’s What Friends Are For

                                                1 Samuel 18-20        David and Jonathan                  Friendship 

409.  Perfect Love                   2 Samuel                  God loves King David despite imperfections

                                                                                                                                                God uses people who aren’t perfect

410.  Too Long By Half          1 Kings 3:16-28       Solomon and the two mothers                  Wisdom


The Season of Advent and Christmas:



411.  Of Future Relevance        Isaiah 40:1-11          Coming of John the Baptist & Messiah    Abundant Life                         


412.  The King of Kings and I: A Dream Musical

                Luke 1:26-55           The Annunciation & Magnificat                              Divine Excitement                                  

413.  Grace By Association      ***                          The Real Meaning of Christmas                               Overwhelmed by Shopping                      


414.  I Get to Be Jesus                              Luke2 1-40              Jesus is born in a stable                             Christmas Pageant                                  


The Season of Epiphany



415.  Boxing Day                     ***                          The Days After Christmas                       Sustaining the Christmas Spirit


416.  The Christmas Code        ***                          Where does Christmas go?                       The Real Spirit of Christmas


417.  Do Your Ears Hang Low? Luke 10:29-37        The Parable of the Good Samaritan          Helping Others


418.  The Parable of the Lost Parable

                                                Luke 15:3-10           The Parables of the Lost Sheep & Lost Coin   God’s Grace


419.  Sign Language                                 Matthew 13: 31-33, 47-48

Parables of the Mustard Seed, and the Net Thrown Into the Sea

Images of Heaven


420.  Pete and Repeat                              Mark 4:1-9              The Parable of the Sower                         God’s grace helps us start over


421.  All Shook Up                  Matthew 18:23-35   Parable of the Unforgiving Servant          Forgiveness


422.  Busy Signal                      Luke 14:15-24         The Parable of the Wedding Banquet       Too Busy for God’s Invitation


423.  Under Construction         Matthew 7:24-29     The Parable of the House Built on the Rock & on the Sand

                                                                                                                                                Rockin’ for Jesus


The Season of Lent and Easter



424.  Rewinding Palm Sunday   Luke 19:28-40         The Last Supper and Palm Sunday            Celebrating Jesus                     


425.  Come On Down                              Matthew 26:36-46   The Garden of Gethsemane                     Prayer                                                     


426.  Good Reflexes                 John 20:1-18           Mary Magdalene at the Tomb                  Jesus knows us                                         

427.  Twenty Questions           Luke 24:1-12           The Empty Tomb                                    Why Do You Seek the Living Among the Dead?


428.  Alice’s Restaurant           Acts 9:1-19              Paul on the road to Damascus                  Conversion


429.  On the Road Again          Acts 14:8-18            Paul and Barnabas are mistaken for gods Sharing Jesus


430.  Mothering Sunday           ***                          A celebration of mothers                         Mothering is a verb, Mother’s Day


431.  Get Out of Jail Free         Acts 16:16-40          Paul and Silas in Jail                                 Holding on to Your Faith


432.  Pressure Cooker                              Acts 21-27                               Paul continues to preach even though persecuted


The Season After Pentecost: Ordinary Time



433.  Free Speech                     Acts 2:1-21              The Coming of the Holy Spirit                                Grace, Pentecost


434.  Snake Bite Kit                 Acts 27-28                              Paul is shipwrecked & bitten by a viper    Faith


435.  The Center of Attention                                 Fodder                                                      Home-Friends-Jesus,                 Father’s Day


436.  Come On Baby Light My Fire

Exodus 21-22           God’s Rules for Living Together                              Grace, Fourth of July, Teacher Appreciation


37.  Grace Happens                  ***                          Fodder Is Replaced by a Mechanical Fish  Friends Help Us See God’s Grace


438.  I Am Da Man                  2 Samuel 12             Nathan Chastises David with a Story        Sin and Forgiveness


439.  Follow Your Bliss            Luke 12:33-34         Sell all That You Have                             Money, B.G. Introduced


440.  To Iron or Not to Iron   Matthew 6:11          Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread           The Irony of Not Responding to Grace


441.  Food For Thought           Mark 4:24                                Be Careful How You Hear                        Grace 


442.  Faith Factor                    Mark 11:28-33        Pharisees question Jesus’ authority           Knowing whom to follow,.Olympics 


443.  Read My Lips                  Mark 12:13              Pharisees Question Jesus About Taxes      Love and Christian Cleverness 


444a. The Man in Black          ***                          John Wesley                                            Being Methodist                       Celebrating Methodist Heritage


444b. Alb’s Well That Ends Well ***                      Martin Luther                                          Being Lutheran                        Celebrating Lutheran Heritage


444c. The Man in Black          ***                          John Calvin                                              Being Presbyterian                   Celebrating Presbyterian Heritage


Vacation Bible School, Camp, or Other Sequence


445.  The Ultimate Boon         Daniel 6                   Daniel in the Lion’s Den                          Faith, Day One                                                       


446.  The Ballad of Queen Esther            Esther                      Esther Saves her People                           Strong Women, Day Two


447.  No Man Is An Island       Mark 2:1-12            Jesus Heals the Paralyzed Man                                 Perseverance, Day Three


448.  The Widow’s Might        Luke 21:1-4             The Widow Gives All She Has                  A Woman’s Faith, Day Four


449.  Rawhide                          John 13:1-17           Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet                              Servanthood, Day Five


450.  Happy Trails                                                   Reviewing the Week’s Lessons                 Being Biblical Heroes, Closing                   


451.  Rawhide Reprise                              John 13:1-17           Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet                              Servanthood., Combined Puppet Show from week




New Sunday School Year

The Season After Pentecost: Ordinary Time



452.  Right, Quite Right           ***                          Puppet Garage Band                 It’s Better to be Righteous than Cool       B.G. Introduced?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sunday School Kickoff

453.  Do I Have To Spell It Out?

                                                Deuteronomy 6:1-9 (Luke 10:27)                           

                                                                                You shall love the lord your God              Loving God and Others

454.  Image Is Everything        Genesis 1                  Creation                                                   We’re Created in God’s Image                  World Series


455.  Good Verse-Good Universe

                                                Genesis 1:1-23         The First Five Days of Creation               God Creates Life

456.  Mona Lisa Masterpiece   Genesis 1                  Creation                                                   Celebrating God’s World and its Saints


457.  Christian Karaoke           Joel 2:26-29             God pours out his spirit                            Renewal and Comfort.


458.  Like Falling Off a Log     Genesis 2:8-3:24      Temptation and the Fall                          Sin and Grace


459.  Noah Dough-Wah Ditty: A Musical. 

                                                Genesis 6-9:17         The Flood and the Rainbow                      God’s Promise [need alt. Title for new ed]

460.  Bigger Ziggurat                Genesis 11:1-9         The Tower of Babel                                 Being Righteous vs. Being Cool 


The Season of Advent and Christmas:




461.  The Name Game             Isaiah 9:2-7              The Coming Messiah                               Waiting for Jesus                                      Advent 


462.  Here a Baa, There a Baa  Luke 2:1-7               Jesus is Born                                             Animals celebrate Christmas                    Christmas


463.  The Little Drummer Llama                             Celebrating the Birth of Jesus                                                                                   Christmas  


The Season of Epiphany



464.  A Fortunate Sequins of Events

Matthew 2:1-14       Visit of the Wise Men                              Giving gifts to Jesus                  Epiphany


465.  Every Sausage I Make     Luke 2:40, 52*        Escape to Egypt and Jesus Grows up         Jesus is the spice of life  


466.  Homecoming Party         Luke 4:14-22           The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry             Jesus Gives Life Meaning


467 The Graceful Gourmet       Mark 7:14-23          Jesus’ teachings on food                           It’s what you do that matters* never performed


468.  Montana Harvest                                            The Brother Van Story                            Evangelism: Early Circuit Riders  Montana Methodist Heritage


The Season of Lent and Easter



469.  Square Dealing                 Matthew 16:13-16   Who Do People Say That I Am?             Faith


470.  Special Olympics             Luke 22:7-27           The Last Supper                                       We are linked to God


471.  Easter Icons                    John 20                    Mary at the tomb                                     Resurrection Surprise                                Easter


472.  Pardon Me                      John 21:15-17         Jesus appears to Peter                              Being Jesus’ Hands                  


473. Starting Over                   Matthew 28:15-17   The Great Commission                            Jesus Restarts our Life                              Graduation & Baptism


The Season After Pentecost: Ordinary Time



474.  Straw Vote                      Acts 2:1-4                The Coming of the Holy Spirit                God’s Spirit in Us                                     Pentecost


475.  Feedback Loop                                Acts 3:1-10              Peter and John heal a lame man.              Grace


476.  Slo Mo                            ***                          End of Year Review                 God loves us                                             Last Day of  S.S.


477.  The Paradox of Abstention ***                      Barnabas tries to justify not saying thanks               Saying thank you                     Teacher Appreciation


478.  Finding Father’s Day       Matthew 11:28-29   Come Unto Me.                                       Give your burdens to Jesus                        Father’s Day


479.  No Slogans                      Matthew 5:13 and 22:21

                                                                                You are the salt of the earth and Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s

                                                                                                                                                Giving ourselves to God

480.  Walking the Walk           ***                          Walking like Jesus                                    Invitation


481.  The Jesus Game               Luke 8:25 & 9:18    Who Do People Say that I am? & Who is This?


482.  Eternity is in Love with the Productions of Time

                                                1 Cor. 14                 The Love Chapter                                   Gaining Perspective


New Sunday School Year: The Season After Pentecost



Title                                       Scripture              Topic                                                      Theme                   Occasion



500.  Ballet Ball                      ***                          Meeting old friends and new                                                  Sunday School Kickoff

[All the puppet friends get together for the first day of Sunday School, where instead of the usual opening day baseball game, for variety’s sake, they are forced to do an ballet instead, which first turns weird, then turns into a celebration of God’s love for kids.]


501.  Call Forwarding                              Genesis 11:27-12:3 God calls Abraham                                                         Listening for God

[Lorenzo gets a new car phone and when he is showing it off to Barnabas and Olivia, he accidentally rolls over Fodder, and then he gets a call from God]


502.  Moral Vertebrates                Genesis 13:1-12    Abraham shares land with Lot                          Sharing

[After a discussion between Grant the Ant and his worm friend, Mr. Ow, about the differences between creatures with backbones those without, Fodder decides to share his lunch with them, after some encouragement]


503.  Holy Halitosis  Amos 5:24                Let justice roll down like waters                Working for Justice    

{Barnabas gets his mouth washed out with soap bubbles after tricking Fodder and Olivia into playing a rigged game that he has just made up, which leads to a discussion about God’s will for justice.]


504.  Estate Sale                      Genesis 25:27-34  Esau sells his birthright for some stew                               Each one of us is special

[An argument erupts when Fodder thinks Lorenzo has sold him llama-birthright in exchange for Fodder’s pot of salmon stew, while Lorenzo meant nothing of the kind—due to second language issues.]  


505  Curtain Time                   Genesis 27:1-33    Jacob tricks Isaac into blessing him                Being satisfied with your own gifts

[Barnabas realizes that they’ve been puppeting incorrectly all these years and talks Fodder into doing the show with him on a puppet stage, in front of a curtain, with hilarious results, when Fodder’s puppeteer accidentally grabs a mitten, instead.]


506.  Bower of Power                      Genesis 33:1-11    Esau forgives Jacob                                                         Grace

[Barnabas and Olivia tell a Jungle Story about back home to Fodder, about the time they experimented with a bower bird’s beautiful nest, and instead of getting pecked, they ended up learning a lesson about forgiveness and grace.]


507.  Dream Weaver                    Genesis 37:1-36    Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers                  Forgiveness

[Fodder keeps telling Barnabas and Olivia his irritating dreams about salmon and being the center of attention, which leads to their flinging him into the audience, and subsequently, asking for forgiveness.]


508.  Grace Colored Goggles   Genesis 39:1-3; 37-57 Joseph in Egypt                                                      God is holding us

                [Grant becomes pharaoh, Barnabas becomes Joseph, Fodder is an Egyptian, and the congregation is a pyramid, in* 


509. Old Lorenzo Had a Farm                                                                                                                             God loves you

[Lorenzo is roped into being Old MacDonald by Barnabas and Fodder for a group of pre-schoolers with puppets, so that they can perform that their theologically inspiring version of the barnyard classic: Old MacDonald Had a Farm.]


510. Spot On                          Jostling for a place in line                Loving vs. selfishness                 Signature Story

[Barnabas and Olivia tell another version of their “signature” Jungle Story, about the time back home when the pecking order was overthrown in favor of Jesus’ loving order.]



The Season of Advent and Christmas:




512.  Waiting for the Oh!                    The meaning of Advent                                  Anticipation and waiting                Advent

[In this take-off of Waiting for Godot, Barnabas waits in line for a play that never starts, and then goes to an Advent party instead, where Olivia, Fodder, and Lorenzo teach him about the true meaning of waiting for God, during Advent.]


513.  Gabriel’s Ride                Luke 1:26-56    The Annunciation: Gabriel appears to Mary  Apprehension &Praise   Advent

[This funny rendition of Longfellow’s well-known narrative poem, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, turns it into a similarly metered poetic account of Gabriel’s bringing the news to Mary, about God’s plan]


514.  Jungle Carols                  Luke 2:8-14            Angels appear to the shepherds                Praising God                         Advent

[To celebrated Advent, Barnabas, Fodder, and Lorenzo sing a weird, audience participation version of “While Shepherds Watched their Flocks By Night,” altered to become a Jungle Version of the song]


515.  Domestic Bliss        Luke 2:6-7   Jesus is born in a stable                    Being loved                                             Christmas Day

[In this poignant commentary on the significance of Jesus’ birth, Lorenzo tells a Jungle Story about his origins, about how he was adopted and raised in the church, which brought him love and stability for the first time in his life]


The Season of Epiphany



516.  It’s the Water                 Matthew 3:13-17    John Baptizes Jesus                                        Righteousness; Jesus comes to us

[Barnabas, Olivia, and Fodder puzzle over and then act out Jesus’ baptism, thinking about what it means that Jesus comes to us in baptism]


517.  Hallowed Be Thy Name                Luke 10:38-42  Jesus with Martha and Mary                                       Jesus knows our name

[Barnabas, Olivia, and Fodder debate the importance of names, deciding to change everyone’s names in the well-known story of Mary listening at Jesus’ feet, as an experiment with very funny results]


518.  Short and Sweet      Luke 19:1-10                Zacchaeus                                                              Being Saved

[Barnabas, Olivia, and Fodder puzzle over the meaning of the Zacchaeus story, first wondering if it means that Jesus came to save short people, but finally realizing that the point of the story is that he came to save the lost.]


519.  My Fair Lady                                John 4:1-42            The Woman at the Well                                 Meeting Jesus, the Messiah

After a funny pronunciation argument about ‘neether’ and ‘nyether’—and one about who has to play whom, since there are no girl puppets there today—Barnabas, Fodder, and Lorenzo act out the story of the woman at the well]


520.  Sleeping on Sunday    John 5:1-19            Jesus heals on the Sabbath                                   God works every day

[Barnabas, Fodder, and Olivia re-enact the story of Jesus’ healing the man by the pool, which emphasizes that God is active in the world, changing lives]      


521.  The Story Behind the Story                  Mark 10:46-52                  Blind Bartimaeus                              Welcoming, not Teasing

[Barnabas is excited to tell the Jungle Story behind the song, Blind Man, which is sung as part of this puppet show.  It turns out that the song isn’t about a mole after all, as Fodder and Olivia point out, but Barnabas’s story is moving nevertheless, as is the one of Blind Bartimaeus, which is told, as well. ]


522.  Reality Check                 John 11:1-44    Jesus raises Lazarus                                         Jesus’ amazing power

[Barnabas is planning on doing his Barnabas the Bombastic shtick today with Fodder, but Olivia persuades them to be serious and read the amazing story of Lazarus first, which they do, and they are humbled into awe and silence]


523.  Dr. Jesus                        Luke 13:10-17  Jesus heals woman with the bent back                           Being whole

[Barnabas and Lippo want to show that Jesus invented chiropracty by acting out the story of Jesus’ healing the woman’s back, but Pépe is grumpy about them fooling around, unintentionally and comically inhabiting the role of the Pharisee that they assign her]


The Season of Lent and Easter



524.  Multilevel Marketing                John 12:18       Mary Anoints Jesus                                         Love is an action                  Lent

[Lorenzo tries to demonstrate his new line of personal hygiene products, inspired by biblical precedents, such as Mary washing Jesus’ feet, while Barnabas and Fodder try to explain the true meaning of the event—and, that yes, towels had actually already been invented]


525.  The First Last Supper    Matthew 26:26-29  The Last Supper                                                    Jesus in the bread and wine

[After their annual attempt to re-enact Da Vinci’s famous painting, The Last Supper with just the two of them, Lorenzo tries to convince Barnabas that Jesus was dyslexic, while Barnabas explains why Jesus often reversed words, such as first and last, then recruits Sunday School kids to help present Da Vinci’s painting properly]


526.  Conjugating Jesus       John 18:1-8 and Exodus 3:1-15Prayer  The Garden of Gethsemane, & God’s Divine Name

[This puppet show poignantly puts together the story of Jesus’ arrest with the story of the revelation of God’s name, in Exodus, as “I AM,” to help account for Jesus’ response in the garden, not to fight, but to continue to try to get people to understand who he was.]


527.  The Psychology of Love        Mark 14:66-72  Peter denies Jesus     God loves us even when we make mistakes

[After some initial wordplay about Object Relations theory, Barnabas, Olivia, and Fodder re-enact Peter’s denial of Jesus, discussing and dramatizing the psychological impact of guilt, forgiveness, and grace]


529.  Encompassing Easter      John 12:12-19  Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem  Easter gives life meaning    Palm Sunday

[Barnabas shows up with his newest invention, an computer that answers all questions.  Fodder and Olivia eventually discover that it isn’t an invention at all, it’s simply the box of palm fronds for Palm Sunday, yet it’s usefulness is still insured, since it says “Easter” on one end, the ultimate answer to all questions]


529.  Life is Weird, I Mean Beautiful    John 21:1-12  Jesus Appears to the Disciples on the Beach     

Easter Sunday                    God’s in the Amazing and the Ordinary

[Lorenzo shows up carving a totem, talking about Moby Dick, which he’s reading for school, which oddly turns into a moving discussion of the disciple’s experiencing of Easter—and ours]


530.  Easter Unwrapped                 John 20:1-10    The resurrection                                             Jesus is alive                         Easter

[Barnabas shows up with what an Easter Present for Fodder and Olivia which turns out to be empty, an emblem of the empty tomb, his new idea for combating rampant materialism and commercialism—a product he intends to market, and get rich selling!  In their re-enactment of the empty tomb story, the true meaning of Easter is presented]


531.  Walk On                         Luke 24:13-32  The Road to Emmaus                                              God’s plan and “true” cool

[Lorenzo starts out excited about the new word for “cool” he’s now using.  To get him back on track, Barnabas tells the story of Jesus’ resurrection appearance on the road to Emmaus, and then sings a moving “rap” version, to show Lorenzo the true meaning of cool—Jesus fashion]


532.  Don’t Stop Doing That                  Luke 24:36-53  The Ascension                                                               Jesus is with us

[Trying to create the same kind of surprise that Jesus’ resurrection appearances must have done, Barnabas keeps popping out and startling Olivia and Lippo while they all read the story of Jesus’s ascension, in this dramatization of Jesus continued presence among us]


533.  A Night at the Opera      Acts 4:32-37, 9:26-28, 11:19-30 Barnabas and Paul   Encouragement                        Mother's Day

[In this hilarious opera spoof, Barnabas has written an opera about his biblical namesake, Barnabas, which turns out simply to be the Barnabas and Olivia theme song words, put to opera music, though it does tell the story of Barnabas the Encourager, and Paul, with some Mother’s Day references added, to boot]


534.  Please Hold For Your Confirmation Number

                [This celebration of Confirmation could also be used simply to show off your Youth Group kids’ knowledge of the

Bible.  Hosted by Barnabas, they square off, game show fashion, against Fodder, and beat him soundly, over a set of

Weird and whacky questions, which ultimately emphasize that God is holding them all.  Several kids are needed for this one.]


535.  Hold Me                        Acts 8:26-40    Philip and the Ethiopian                                    Evangelism and Conversion

[Fodder’s the only puppet in this mini play about the conversion of the Ethiopian dignitary who travels to Israel to become a Christian.  Two adults or older kids play the roles of the Ethiopian and his servant, who’s had to carry his master all the way, after their chariot broke down]


536.  Burning Swifter, Higher, Stronger. Acts 2:1-11  The Coming of the Holy Spirit  God with us   Pentecost & Last Day of SS.

[Lorenzo organizes an Olympics-type Closing Ceremonies, with a Pentecost theme, to celebrate the end of the Sunday School year.  Though Lorenzo justifies this by naming many oddball similarities between Sunday School and the Olympics, Barnabas and Olivia end up pointing out one significant difference: the flame of the Holy Spirit is never extinguished]

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