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Women Writers' Night

October 1994: Writer Joanne DelCarpine knocks out the final details of what is to become the most successful of Penny Lane's many trademark shows: Where's Richard!?!, Women Writers' Night. Unlike most writer's shows of its time, Where's Richard!?! encompassed all facets of the craft, not limiting itself merely to singer/songwriters or poets as so many did then and still do, but paved a path still not equaled in presenting the most diverse range of expression imaginable, setting a new standard not only in writers' showcases but in variety shows in general. Years later, Where's Richard!?! still sets that standard. The following archive is the story of that journey and of its hosts: Joanne DelCarpine, Libby Kirkpatrick, Marca Cassidy, Rebecca Beacher and Jess Gonacha.

The First Two Years with host Joanne DelCarpine:

Tues 10/11/94 Joanne DelCarpine, Beth Amsel, Maya Dorn and Sara DelCarpine
Tues 11/15/94 Joanne hosts, Jennifer Mullen, Mary Fagan, Lara Maykovich and Stephanie Herman
Tues 12/6/94 Joanne hosts, Ellen Klaver, Wendy Woo, Euphrosyne Bloom and Tennyson Epping (Libby Kirkpatrick's first Where's Richard!?! appearance, She sang "Angel from Montgomery" with Wendy Woo)
Sun 1/29/95 Joanne hosts, Rebecca Luna, Bonnie Ross, Libby Kirkpatrick and Donna Molinaro
Sat 2/18/95 Joanne hosts, Miriam Paisner, Kimmer Macarus, Carrie Symons and Julie Hoest
Sat 3/11/95 Joanne hosts, Carla Sciaky, Annie Hughs and others.
Sun 4/23/95 Joanne hosts, Lynn Grasberg, Tara Levin, Nancy Cook and Cari Minor
Tues 5/30/95 Joanne hosts, Anneka Keck, Elena Hoffrichter, Maggie Simpson and Jennie Goodstien
Sat 6/24/95 "Here's Richard" The boys have their turn. Benton Coons hosts, Jackson Galaxy, Peter Stokes, Bill Sell and Screamin' Chris.
Sat 7/29/95 Libby Kirkpatrick hosts, Lauren from Magpie, Mary Fagan, Martha Aarli and Jennifer Mullen
Sat 8/19/95 Where's Richard All-Stars, an open mic for all previous "Rich" performers, hosted by Joanne
Sat 9/16/95 Joanne DelCarpine, Beth Quist, Shira Segal, and Jessica Goodkin
Sat 10/14/95 One Year Anniversary Show!! Joanne DelCarpine, Stacey Ludlow, Maya Dorn, and Libby Kirkpatrick
11/95-2/96 Currently unavailable
Sat 3/23/96 Joanne hosts, Maggie Simpson, Jamie Cotton. Jenny Wortman and Megan Lodgers
Sat 4/20/96 "Here's Richard" The boys have their turn. Joanne hosts, Grant Rieder, Chris DePinto, Danny Shafer and Drew Moore
Sat 5/18/96 Joanne hosts, Kathy Folkert, Beth Quist, Kimmer Macarus and Mary Fagan
6/96 Currently unavailable
Sat 7/20/96 Jeanne Christensen hosted, Emily Owens, Lauren Africa, Sue Guarino and Elaine Blainey
Sat 8/17/96 Joanne DelCarpine, Lauren Drummer, Shira Segal, Talonya Geary
Sat 10/19/96 Two Year Anniversary!! Joanne DelCarpine, Michelle Theall, Libby Kirkpatrick and Maya Dorn

Host Libby Kirkpatrick:

Fri 11/21/97 Libby Kirkpatrick, Alma Collins, Joanne DelCarpine and Stephanie Rae Leidlick

Host Marca Cassidy

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Host Rebecca Beacher

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2003-2004 with host Jess Gonacha:

May 2003Jess Gonacha, Marie Beer, Ariana Saraha
June 2003Jess Gonacha, Jill Pilon
July 2003Jess Gonacha, Joy Parker
August 2003Jess Gonacha, Melissa Ivey, Melanie Hersch
September 2003Melanie Hersch (host), Lyndzie Taylor, Lauren Michaels
October 2003Jess Gonacha, Kim Mallek, Ali Rapetti
November 2003Jess Gonacha, Danya River, Jami Lunde, Summer Hartbauer
December 2003Jess Gonacha, Lojo Russo, Jill Pilon
January 2004Maggie Simpson (host), Sharon Docherty, Lynn Patrick
February 2004Jess Gonacha, Lojo Russo, Melissa Ivey
March 2004Jess Gonacha, Judith Avers, Lyndzie Taylor
April 2004Jess Gonacha, Melanie Susuras, Jami Lunde, Kim Mallek
May 2004Jess Gonacha, Cari Minor
June 2004Jess Gonacha, TaraLee, Judith Avers
July 2004Jess Gonacha, Kathy Nelson, Lyndzie Taylor
August 2004Jess Gonacha, Trinity Demask, Laura Haan
September 2004Jess Gonacha, Melanie Susuras
October 2004Jess Gonacha, Pamela Means

2005 with Host Lauren Michael

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