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Welcome to the online home of the LAHS Alumni Association, a closely-knit group of  US Military Brats, US Corps of Engineers Brats and  a few Italian nationals who all attended the little 90-student DOD American School at Camp Darby, Italy. The base is located  about half way between Livorno and Pisa, and just three miles from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Many of us lived in the resort community Tirrenia, just a short walk from the Tirrenian Sea beaches.

Over the years the U.S. military presence at the base declined to the point that in 2005 the Camp Darby High School enrollment was down to only about 25 students, and because of that declining enrollment with no possibility of a U.S. military resurgence at the base the school finally closed for good at the end of the 2006-07 school year.

In its later years the school was designated the Livorno Unit School, but it will always be Livorno American High School to most of us. Livorno Unit School just doesn't have that rhyme and rhythm to it.  LUS????   The LUS Lions??????   We will always be the LAHS LIONS!  (And before that we were the Livorno Panthers -- but "Panthers" didn't alliterate properly so rumor has it that the then-current principal Ray Randolph officially changed the Darby school mascot to Lions fairly early on.)

LAHS Classes 1955-1965 "Gray Haired Teenager" Reunion
Oct 7 -10, 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina
Our annual GHT LAHS reunion this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of LAHS class of 1963 at the Quality Inn & Suites @ Patriots Point, Mt Pleasant, SC (843-856-8817) 

For details please see the Gray Haired Teenager website

LAHS 2012 All-School Reunion Held Thurs-Mon
October 11-15
, 2012 in Clearwater, Florida

 It's time to relax, reconnect, and enjoy ourselves in Clearwater Beach, FL. With miles of soft white sand and sparkling waterways, Clearwater's beaches rate among the best in the state and in the nation. The Temperature in October offers an averages high of 83F and an average low 66F

Rooms have been blocked for this event under LAHS (Three Digit Code LAH) at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Clearwater Beach less than five hundred feet from the powder-soft sands of Clearwater Beach!
If we book more than 40 rooms I can negotiate an even better rate, so book now!!

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Clearwater Beach
521 S Gulfview Blvd, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767-2534

More info on Facebook 

All are invited to join the Italy Tour Oct 15-26 to continue the party!

Contact Cathy Smith at for more details!

LAHS Classes' 1955-1965 "Gray Haired Teenager" Reunion
Oct 12 -14, 2012 in Cocoa Beach, Florida
Our annual GHT LAHS reunion this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of LAHS class of 1962 was held at the Hampton Inn, Cocoa Beach, FL on Oct 12 -14, 2012. All were encouraged to join the Italy tour Oct 15-26 to continue the party (see next event)! 

Bert Hentschel was our host (

See the Gray Haired Teenager website for more details

LAHS All-School Guided Tuscany Bus Tour
Oct 15-23 with optional Rome extension Oct 23-26
All classes and friends and family are welcome on this exceptional tour!

See the GHT website for more details

LAHS All-School Reunion planned for Lake Tahoe around the end of July or August, 2010

Chris Rockey '78 will be the primary organizer for the 2010 All-Class Reunion at Lake Tahoe, NV.  For more details as they develop check out the LAHS All-Class Facebook pages:

Livorno American High School

2010 All-Class Reunion, Lake Tahoe

LAHS Classes 1955-1965 'Gray Haired Teenager' Reunion held in Portland Oregon, October 2-4, 2009

The reunion was organized by John Sager and held at the Hotel Fifty is in Downtown Portland near the Willamette River with about 55 in attendance. As is its habit, the Portland weather was a little gray at times, but who noticed. A wonderful time was had by all.

For more information, check the  Gray Haired Teenagers  reunion page.

LAHS All-School Reunion Held in Italy June 8-9, 2007

Our favorite little High School has finally closed for good, but a bunch of us (about 70 total) traveled to Camp Darby to attend the final graduation ceremony on June 8 and celebrate in Grand Style the more than 50 years of excellent education that the school has offered.

We all arrived at our own pace, some early in the week and some later, some staying on post. and some in Tirrenia. The Darby/Tirrenia mix was about 50/50. 

Our Reunion Kick-off event was Friday June 8 at 1pm when we met at the High School for a Bus Tour of the Livorno Army Depot at  which stores and maintains equipment and ammo for a heavy brigade, ready for rapid shipment by air or sea to any hot spot around the world. Our Dads worked back there, and this is was our chance to see the secure area courtesy of Steven Zglinicki, LAHS '72. Steven arranged a bus and we got to visit with the crews that rehabbed equipment that had rotated in from Iraq for maintenance. Some of it was pretty "scratched" up, but by the time the Italian crews had finished with it, it sparkled.

While one group was touring the Depot, the other group toured the High School, courtesy of Principal Cathy Magni. Our able tour guides were three students who were proud to show off their school, much different now from when my classmates and I were there in the early 60's. Computers?  A video studio???? Wow. Then at about 1:45PM the groups swapped tours.

As in years past, this final LAHS/LUS Graduation was held at 4PM at the historic La Basilica di San Piero a Grado outside the East Gate. The church does not charge LUS for use of the basilica, and the hat was passed Saturday at Dinner and was raised as a donation to the church to express our appreciation for the use of the facility over the years. Sadly but interestingly, the local Carabinieri had a strong presence outside the Basilica to protect against any local protests during the graduation. None happened.

After the graduation we retired to the Community club for a reception with light snacks for all Alumni, Students, Faculty, Staff, and Parents. There was a great turnout, and afterwards many headed for their favorite pizzeria or restaurant in Tirrenia to continue the networking.

Saturday morning was sleeping in and beach time, and we discovered that the American Beach was....well, different. Lots of security, and you now have to pay for parking. The beach is covered with umbrellas that you must rent to sit -- no personal chairs allowed. Hummmmmmm  This is progress??? But the sand was the same and the water was the same. Perfect.

Movie time at the Community Club began at 4PM, featuring some great aerial videos of Italy's scenic attractions, followed by a "Growing up Brat" video. Then at 6PM we turned off the TV and wandered over to the bar for some libations in preparation for the traditional alumni dinner. The Reunion  Alumni Dinner at the Community Club featured a wonderful Italian buffet, door prizes, presentations, and other festivities. The highlight of the evening was Chris Rockey's (LAHS '78) PowerPoint memories slide show. Wow! See Chris' slide show at  You will need to download the files, and they are big, and then put them in the same directory and run PowerPoint. Or there is an Adobe version that should work fine, but no music. Thanks Chris!

As they say, all good things do end, and after the dinner we parted to go our own ways at our own paces, but happy that we had properly said good-by to our dear school and to Camp Darby.

LAHS Closing Is Postponed One Year to June 2007!

On December 12, 2005, the Livorno School Principal Cathy Magni let us know that DoDDS has reversed its decision to close the Livorno School at Camp Darby and now the school is planned to stay open at least through the 2006-2007 school year. The problem of low attendance is not solved, so ultimately the school will probably be closed, but we can always hope. Currently the plan is for students grades 8-12 to attend either London Central or the International School of Florence beginning in September of 2007.

Extension Letter from DoDSS

Many of the Livorno Students will attend the Florence International School

LAHS To Close For Good - Not Enough Students
Read the complete official announcement posted September 25, 2005:

The announcement of the closing from Department of Defense Dependents Schools, Office Of The District Superintendent, Mediterranean District, says in part, "... Occasionally we determine that a school has reached a point where the enrollment has dropped to such a low level that it is neither realistic nor cost effective to continue with a high school program. In the course of our on-going assessment, we have determined that we have reached such a point at Livorno Unit School. In school year 2004 - 2005, a total of 30 students were enrolled in grades 9 - 12. For school year 2005 - 2006, we currently have a total high school enrollment of 26 students - 7 freshman, 5 sophomores, 11 juniors and 3 seniors. There are no indicators that this declining enrollment will change in the near future... "

See Where We Alumni Have Landed

Check out the Google Alumni Map to see where your classmates are living now. You can register and place your own pin in the map, add a photo, and leave a comment for all to read. You can easily see who lives near you.

Hints: The pin will be placed in the center of your zip code, so it does not show your exact location, although you can log onto your account and drag your pin closer or further away from your actual location as you prefer. You can also log on and edit your name and change your picture.. If you don't like your entry, then you can just delete the whole thing and start over.

I recommend the name format, "  62 Harry Heflin  " (No apostrophe - for example don't use " '62 Harry Heflin " ) so the list will show classes together and you can easily see where just your classmates are located. High resolution pictures are OK. Remember, Frappr is still in Beta, so there may be bugs and inconveniences in use, but it looks pretty good overall and will just get better.

Livorno American High School 2005

Wow, what a trip the 2005 Reunion has experienced. First, the President  Broadwater Hotel was sold, and Pat Spencer '61 moved us to the Gulf Hills Hotel. Then came hurricane Katrina's assault on the US Gulf Coast, and then the reunion was moved again, this time to New Jersey. We brats are accustomed to a lot of moving in our lives, but this was pretty wild!

But many, many thanks to Butch Ray ('61) who arranged a reunion location at the Courtyard by Marriott in Lyndhurst, New Jersey for the Gray Haired Teenagers '55-'65 reunion group, but then graciously opened it up to all years so no one would be left out of the LAHS Reunion this year because of the natural disaster on the Gulf Coast. And thanks also to Kathy, Richard ('61) Callihan's daughter, who manages the Marriott facility and gave us every hospitality and convenience imaginable during our stay there. And Oh, Wow, that Saturday night dinner at Claudette's wonderful little Italian restaurant!!!

We will be back to the Gulf Coast another year, when they are rebuilt and better able to accept guests and tourist again.

Photos and Narrative From the 2005 GHT Reunion

Photos From The LAHS 2004  Reunion in Italia

Check out some pics from the reunion.

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