Welcome to the Flamenco world of
María Elena  La Cordobesa  Rincón del Flamenco.
Bienvenidos al Universo flamenco  de María Elena  La Cordobesa Rincón del Flamenco.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Author : Julio Romero de Torres from Cordoba, Spain.
Poem by Federico Garcia Lorca 

! Ay que trabajo me cuesta, el quererte como te quiero!
Por tu amor me duele el aire, el corazon y el sombrero..."
by Federico Garcia Lorca. Spanish Poet
Federico Garcia Lorca
                                       Cancion del Jinete
   Federico Garcia Lorca
         Cordoba lejana y sola.
         Jaca negra, luna grande, y aceitunas en mi alforja.
         Aunque sepa los caminos yo nunca llegare a Cordoba.
         Por el llano, por el viento, jaca negra, luna roja.
         La muerte me esta mirando desde las torres de Cordoba.
         Ay que camino tan largo!,
         Ay mi jaca valerosa!,
         Ay que la muerte me espera antes de llegar a Cordoba
La Cordobesa
photo by Harlend S.


Maria Elena, La Cordobesa, a native of Cordoba, Spain came to the flamenco world singing in the tradition of the great cantaoras by growing up in the midst of a musical family in Andalusia, the birthplace of Flamenco.  Her international career has taken her from Spain to the prestigious international Festival Cervantino in Mexico with ongoing performances for Ensemble Espanol Dance Theater of Chicago, including their presentation at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.  Her talent is in constant demand throughout the U.S.  La Cordobesa has sung with no less enthusiasm to third graders in Des Moines as on stages at the Kennedy Center in D.C., the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis or at Hamline University, the College of St. Catherine, College of Saint Olaf  and Carleton College.


She appears regularly as guest artist with the renowned Ensemble Español Spanish Dance Theater of Chicago. She also performs with St. Louis Culture Flamenco Society, in 1997 in St. Louis Missouri. She has enjoyed guest appearances with Flamenco Ole in Kansas City, the Disney Children’s Art Festival in Jefferson City, and the Nyitya Jyoty Dance Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

La Cordobesa sang in The Festival Flamenco in Cordoba, Spain in 1986, with Curro de Utrera, Antonio de Patrocinio, Antonio Ortega and Arroyito, with guitarist Luis Calderito honoring dancer Chari Jimenez.





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