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La Casa Azul: Letters to you from the blue house

Author, Riba Taylor
I am a writer, teacher, artist, bird lover, tender of cats. I love to read, walk, swim, sing. I want to laugh deep and often, and I want to sleep the same way. I teach community college English online for a handful of schools in California. I'm nearing the end of my sixth year teaching English and have just now had my first blush of beginning to feel good about my courses. I am working on longer projects in my own writing and wanted to launch these pages in order to have short pieces I might find endings to, pieces I could polish, release into the world.

I teach creative writing for College of the Siskiyous and work privately with individuals and groups, both from afar and with the added warmth of direct human contact. ;-)

Please ask if you'd like to know any special details. I promise to return one day to tell you more.


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