Paintings + Poetry - Lynne August

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2006 Calendar
June 12-September 12  
Solo Exhibition @ diPietro Todd 
2239 Fillmore St., San Francisco
July  23 - October 22    
Solo Exhibition Hilliard Architects 
251 Post St.,  San Francisco
September 12-November 11
Solo Exhibition @ Dava Dava
1889 Union St., San Francisco

(415) 921-5025


dumbfounded moonlight muses

36” x 48” acrylic and oils on canvas


mood moth the indigo flew
36"x 36" oils and acrylics on canvas


it was my dream and i was driving
36" x 36" acrylics and oil pastels on canvas


seismic seed dream

36" x 36" acrylic on canvas


green maybe sunday

 24” x 30”,  acrylics on canvas 



he says a word
108"x36" triptych, acrylics on canvas


a tangent line flamenco           

60” x 48”, acrylics on canvas 


the arc of your calypso(v.2)

36”x 48” acrylics and ink on canvas  

in the blue dream time
diptych 48"x 12" acrylic on canvas


tangent line flamenco (pixelated)
48"x 60" acrylics on canvas


blue life red birds
36"x 36" acrylic and oils on canvas


it was only noon

24" x 30" acrylics on canvas


it was almost midnight

40” x 30”, acrylic  

Artist Statement and Biography

The paintings are primarily concerned with geometric abstraction, textural expression and atmospheric phenomena evocative of natural occurrences where internal illumination or decomposition is exhibited.  The titles of the paintings are the first lines of  accompanying four-line poems.

Originally from New York City, Lynne settled in the Bay Area and received her BFA from Academy of Art College.  A series of her watercolors was exhibited in art galleries in Mill Valley, and published as note cards by Pomegranate Press.  After a successful career as an illustrator, graphic artist and textile designer, she returned to her foremost passions, painting and writing poetry, in 2005.