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Dear Parents and Educators: It is my dearest wish that the contents of these pages inspire and assist you in the sacred task of raising and teaching children to be spiritual and enlightened beings. I hope that the activities, quotes, and games provided here will help enkindle and sustain a passion for child education and increase the beauty, joy and fun for everyone in the learning environment.

Please take a few moments to read this first page before going to any of the 11 documents. You will need to have the Adobe Acrobat reader software (version 6.0 or greater) to read the pdf  format documents. This can be downloaded for free from the Internet. If there is no way for you to read the files, please email me and I will send them as attachments.

For documents 1-7, please do not hard copy for distribution your own printed copies without my permission. Please send interested folks to this web site so they can get the most recent versions and print their own. Documents will be dated at the top with last revision date. If there is no date, they have not been revised since originally being posted. A tip:  Shortly before doing a game or dramatic performance, go to this website and download and print the relevant pages from the manual.  I improve and revise frequently, and this way you get the best version.  Especially right after I do a game or drama with students,  I usually add many details and enhancements to my original description. Usually by the 20th of every month revised documents are posted. The games and drama manual are the ones most frequently updated. The other ones  are revised at most twice a year.

Feedback of any kind via email is always welcome. I know these documents are not professional—they have never been edited by another person. They have run on sentences and mixed up verb tenses, etc. (That is one reason they are free!) I just don’t have the time to spend on such perfection—I know they can be used as is by dedicated educators. However, they are very detailed and hopefully clear enough. If they are not clear, I would like to know. My email address is

And finally, I invited folks to call me via phone, and gave my phone number in the games manual and Baha’i Identity document. I would still rather have you call me if an answer to a question involves a lot of typing. At least I can move around and do chores on the phone. However, please bear in mind that I can’t be on the phone hours and hours a day, so please call only if necessary. I will get back to you as soon as possible if I am not available, unless its an international call—then you will have to try again. I used to train teachers for hours on the phone and really love supporting Baha’i education this way—but I have many other duties demanding my time—such as a Baha’i Children’s Class, now in it’s 30th year.

Page 2 of this web site contains links to and descriptions of all 11 documents currently on this site. Click on Available Documents in the upper right hand corner of this page to get to page 2.

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