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PowerPoint Jeopardy Game


PPT Jeopardy
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for Office XP (2003)

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With Game Show Sounds!
PowerPoint is a great tool for both students and teachers, and people use it for creating all sorts of presentations. If you want to learn how to use PowerPoint, there are numerous web sites with tutorials and I'll be adding more here to help you edit the game.

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Site Overload!
It's absolutely wonderful that this site is getting over 1,000 visitors monthly. But all that downloading is creating a need for more bandwidth. If you can, please help to buy More Bandwidth. Every donation, however small, is greatly appreciated.

One of my best presentations for education is a Jeopardy! Game template that can be customized for any subject and grade. This is for educational purposes only and by downloading the presentation you agree to these terms. You may link to this page, so others can download the game, but you may not offer it from another location.
Notify me by email if you create a link here

Jeopardy Game General Instructions

  1. Please, read the terms above before downloading.
  2. VERSION 2 is one file, with sound embedded, and has Regular Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy in the same file. Click on the link in the left sidebar, the image below or right here to go to the dowload page. After submitting an email address, choose save when prompted and download it to your computer.
  3. To download the OLD VERSION 1 (this is a zipped file) click on the link in the left sidebar or right here. Select save. Create a new folder, i.e., Jeopardy, to save the file.
  4. Double-click on the file, jeopardy.zip. You'll find 7 sound files (.wav files), Jeopardy (.pps - a show file) and Double Jeopardy -
    a regular PowerPoint file. Copy and paste these file up one level, outside the zip folder, but in the new Jeopardy folder you created. You can discard the zip file. You may have to use additional software to unzip, or extract the files, such as winzip.
  5. Keep all the files together and DO NOT rename them. The presentation consists of numerous links and it is IMPERATIVE that all the files are in the same folder and none of the file names be changed for the game to work properly, unless, of course, you are willing to update the links in the presentations.
  6. If you double-click on the Jeopardy show file, the presentation will begin. To edit this file, open the file from within the PowerPoint software. Subsitute the text with your own. Double-clicking on the Doublejeopardy file will open directly inside of PowerPoint.
  7. The presentation flows because the slides are linked to the main interface board. Play the tutorials for more assistance.

I have created some tutorials to assist users to dowload, customize and play the game (see below for descriptions). Actual scoring options are not included.This old version will work with PowerPoint version 1997 and newer versions.

The new version will work with PowerPoint 2003, part of Office 2003 and later. If you download the new version and don't hear the sound files, you may need to use the old version.

Look for updated Questions & Answers and a tutorial on Linking!

Jeopardy Interface


Send me your Q&A's for different topics with grade levels and I'll post them here

Watch the Jeopardy PowerPoint

(Windows Media Files)

Part I

Part II

Part III-A

Part III-B

Part IV

To review downloading Version 1 file, watch Part I (3:11) of the tutorial.

For a demonstration of how the presentation functions, watch Part II (4:10) of the tutorial.

To learn how to edit the presentation slides, watch Part III-A (6:51), and Part III-B (2:54) which shows how to edit the Final Jeopardy slides and how it works.

To learn how to customize the presentation background with different logos, for examples, review the video on how to change the slide masters, Part IV (4:45).

The tutorials are Windows Media Files.


Comments? Suggestions? Questions? Your feedback is always welcome.

Send me an email or post a comment in my blog.

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