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Undergraduate Academic Portfolio



Cooperative Learning Seminar -
PowerPoint Presentation (IE 4.0 or higher needed), Team Guidelines and Lesson Plan (Word documents)

Unit Plan and Two Lesson Plans:
Using Styles in MS Word
(Creating a multi-page report) , Word Features for Lesson 2, Student Report Guidelines (Word documents)

Research Paper:
A Look at Two Influencing Theories in Education: "Core Knowledge" of E.D. Hirsch and "Accelerated School Project" of Henry Levin
(Word document-166k)

Education Commentaries from Annual Editions,
Education 2002/2003 (Word documents)

Project Web Site
Click Here to See My School Project Web Site
  • Article 5: The Political Construction of Accountability - When Rhetoric Meets Reality
  • Article 7: School-to-Work - Has it Worked?
  • Article 8: Schools That Work - Texas Beats California, thanks to spending and tests
  • Article 9: What Does It Mean to Say a School is Doing Well?
  • Article 10: The Closing of the American Mind - The American Student and Civilization
  • Article 14: High Percentages are NOT the Same as High Standards
  • Article 15: Saving Standards
  • Article 16: Welcome to Standardsville
  • Article 20: What Does Research Say About Sexuality Education
  • Article 23: One Class and 20 Learning Styles
  • Article 25: Excellence For All in Minneapolis
  • Article 27: Promoting Educational Equity in a Period of Growing Social Inequity - The Silent Contradictions of Texas Reform Discourse
  • Article 33: Changing Classrooms by Treating Teachers as Active Learners
  • Article 36: The Sensitiveness of the Soul
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