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HC MACH Merson's Fabled Wrigley Vines UDT, HXAds,




HC Ivy on the herding field.

                     MACH Ivy                Photo by Shelley Marvin   



Photo By Patti Pentler

Photo by Pet Personalities



Ivy is a very active dog and throws herself enthusiastically into every endeavor!



In December, Ivy finished her XF title with two 1st placements!

This will end Ivy's 24" agility career, still going strong at the age of 11-1/2!!!

She'll still play in Preferred Jumpers for fun!  In November, Ivy earned her Rally Excellent title!

In October, Ivy earned her first Exc. Fast leg with a 1st place!

In June, Ivy finished her Open Fast and Rally Advanced titles!  In May, Ivy finished her RN and obtained her first Rally Advanced leg!  She also earned her first 2 Open Fast legs!  For the end of April/beg of May, Ivy has earned 2 Novice Rally legs, and her agility Novice Fast title!

On January 1st, Ivy earned her 20th Double Q, with a 3rd place in JWW to complete her MACH!!!



We believe she is also the ONLY HC MACH UDT BELGIAN!!!


We would like to once again THANK all the people that 

helped us along the way (especially Sean Hathaway!) to achieve our success.

We couldn't have done it without you!!




In September, Ivy earned another 1st place major in Advanced sheep one day,

and the next a 2nd place in Advanced sheep and RHIT!!!


In August, Ivy earned a 4th place in Advanced sheep,

finishing her "Herding Trial Championship"!!!

MANY, MANY THANKS to Sean Hathaway

of High Reaches Tervuren for handling Ivy!!!


In June, Ivy won 1st Place for a 4 point major,

and also took "High InTrial" in combined sheep and ducks in NE!


This year Ivy has earned 6 more double Q's and now has 19!





at the ABMC National Specialty!

At the National, Ivy won 1st place in Herding Advanced, 2nd place in Agility and Reserve High Scoring Malinois in Agility, and 3rd place in Open B Obedience!  The National was Ivy's return to herding and she earned 2 Herding Championship points!  She then took a 2nd and a 3rd placement in May trials and received another 5 HC points!  She also earned 2 Started Duck legs with a 2nd & 3rd placement!  Many Thanks to Sean Hathaway (High Reaches Terv's, home of 4 HC's!) for handling Ivy in her herding ventures!!  In July, Ivy earned another double Q, with placements!  In September, Ivy finished her HSAd title in style by going "HIT Ducks"!  She also went on to take 1st place in HXA Sheep for another 2 HC points,  and earned her first HXAd leg with a 1st placement!  In October/November, Ivy earned another DQ with placements and finished her HXAd with a 1st placement!




CH Merson's Nigerian Nightmare CDX, HXAs, MX, MXJ,



Legend wins HIT for a 3 point major in Adv. Sheep!

Photo by Sue Friegen

Photo by Pet Personalities




In July, Legend finished her XF with a 1st placement!

In May, Legend started her herding season with a 1st Place for a 3 point major

in Advanced Sheep, and then went on to win "High In Trial" !!! 

Legend starts 2009 with 2 Excellent Fast legs, one with a 1st and one with a 4th placement!



In October, Legend finished her OF with a 1st placement!

Legend starts the year with 2 Open Fast legs,  one with a 1st and one with a 2nd placement!




In December, Legend earned her Novice Fast title for fun!  In September, Legend placed 3rd in the Advanced sheep class

and earned her first 2 Herding Championship points!




Legend earned her first HXAs leg at the ABMC National Specialty with a 3rd placement!  In May, Legend earned her second HXAs leg, and in June, she got her 8th MXJ leg!  In July, Legend earned her last 2 MXJ legs!  In November, Legend finished her HXAs!


Legend is a half sister to Ivy and a great niece of Fable's.



CH Mersons Fabled Time Transfixed CDX, HSAds,



                                                        Photo by Sirius Pet Images

                                                                   Photo by K. Guerra 

Lore HIT-Ducks and High Combined!

Versatile Lore field trains with his hunting friends!


Photo by Pup-Art


Lore weaves.

Moving the sheep.



In July, Lore earned his first MX leg with a 1st placement!

In June, Lore got his 2nd JWW leg with a 2nd placement!

In April/May, Lore started and finished his CDX with two 3rd placements and

one 4th placement and an average score of 191.6!!



In November, Lore finished his Exc. Standard title with a 2nd placement!

In August, Lore earned 2 Exc Std. legs, one with a 1st and one with a 2nd placement.

He also earned one Exc. JWW leg with a 1st placement and finished his Exc. Fast Title with

one 1st and two 2nd placements!

In June, Lore finished his CD with a 2nd place and an average score of 194.8!

In May, Lore finished his Open JWW and Open Fast titles,

both with 1st placements!

In April, Lore started his Obedience career by earning 2 Novice legs

with scores of 197.5 and 193.5!

Lore starts the year by finishing his Open Std title with two 1st placements

and earning 2 Open Fast legs, one with a 2nd placement!

Lore also received an Excellent OFA hip rating (and normal elbows)

and is now a ROM 2 dog!




In December, Lore earned his first Open Std. & JWW legs

with a 1st & 2nd placement!

In November, Lore finished his Novice JWW title with a 1st placement

and earned his Rally Advanced title with a 1st and two 2nd places!

In October, Lore finished his NA with a 1st place AND finished his HSAs

with a 4th place!  He also earned an extra HSAs leg with a 4th place!  He then finished his NF with a 1st place!

In September, Lore placed 1st in Started ducks and HIGH IN TRIAL, Ducks for his second HSAd leg!!!  He also earned his first Started sheep leg with

a 2nd place!  In addition, Lore won High Combined!

The next day, Lore placed 4th in ducks to finish his HSAd title!

He then placed 1st in Started sheep and HIGH IN TRIAL, Sheep

for his second HSAs leg!!!  

In August, Lore started in regular agility and earned his first two Novice Standard legs, with a 1st & 2nd place!  He also earned his first 2 Novice JWW legs, with two 3rd placements!

In June, Lore finished his Championship with a 4 point and a 3 point major,

and also took BOB his first time as a Champion!

He also earned his first Novice Fast leg with a 4th place!  In May, Lore received 2 more breed points, and finished his Novice Preferred Fast title with a 1st place.

The end of April/beg of May, Lore finished his Rally Novice title and earned the only 100 in a class of 37 runs for a 4th leg!  He also completed his agility Novice Preferred Standard title with a 2nd place and his Novice Preferred JWW title with a 1st place!

In February, Lore received a 4 point major by going BW at the IKC shows!

He also received one single point and earned his CGC and 2 Rally Novice legs!

In January, Lore ran in his first agility trials!  Running in Preferred,

he Q'd 6 out of 6 times, placing 5 times!  He now has 2 legs ea. in Std, JWW, and Fast class.  Lore also earned his first breed point, going BW & BOB!


In December, Lore went to his first conformation show and was awarded BOB!

Lore started his herding career in September, and earned his PT on sheep!  He also earned his first HSAd leg with a 3rd placement!!


Lore is our newest Fabled Malinois!

He was bred by Susie Williamson and is a member of the Masterpiece litter.

Lore is Ivy and Legend's uncle.  Their grandfather is his father.



CH Desaray's Fabled Treasure HX, CD, HTDI-s, TT, ROM 1

Fable Photos


Fable, our Faithful Companion, was lost to us in August 2001.

At nearly 14-1/2, he was still our Treasured Malinois.

He will be Remembered and Loved always.

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