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Here you can learn a little about my background, projects, and adventures "Down Under". Just click on the page that interests you!

Born in the Midwest USA, I've lived in and visited many other USA locales and currently live on the USA's west coast.  There's also been 5 years of work and adventures in Sydney, Australia (Sydney's much like San Francisco).

Because of a love of understanding how things work, learning new skills, and having new experiences, I've enjoyed careers including service technician, engineer, special effects / animation, and most recently, QA engineer for both an innovative 3D animation startup and the world's fastest RISC accelerator for video codec acceleration.  And no, I'm not ready to retire just yet!  I remain active as a Docent of a huge aerospace museum and am embarking on creating children's stories showcasing flying and outer space adventures.

I value a group relationship and strive to be a helpful part of the workgroup team.  Learning new things and solving new challenges is always enjoyable.

This site is a work in progress, and is unfortunately space limited, so I cannot post as much information as one would like.
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