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The Meaning and Significance of "33 Experiences"  (5/28/04)

It seems that no one yet has been able to completely explain the meaning of this "33 Mystery." As you can see if you read other folks' "forum" entries at this site, there are many of us with very similar experiences. It seems to mean something for some people, while for others, it remains a complete mystery. I consider myself one of those!

I originally posted this site after many years seeing 33s. In fact, for years before I even went on the Internet, I had hoped that someday I would post a site to see if there were others out there like me having this strange experience. I had suspected there might be, but I continue to feel surprised each time a new person signs in and I read just how similarly they feel about the experience.

Most feel some fear about it, some awe, some spiritual sense, some mystery.... Most describe a feeling of "affirmation" about it, though. I have long felt that way. When I see the number, it simply feels like it is "telling me" that everything is ok.

I really wish I had some "answers" for us all -- for all those who write to me with sincere questions -- but as yet, I do not. I am so pleased to know there are others like us. And, many who sign in say they are glad to know that, too. Maybe someday, this "mystery" will all become clear!

A dear friend and experienced numerologist has recently posed to me the following questions, which I would recommend to all for consideration: "So, what are you creating in the 33 experience? From what part of you does it spring? Does it increase love? joy? or something else that you value? beauty? Does it bring order to your existence? What does it do?"

These are important questions, and I feel gratitude for receiving them in this form. With the many reactions/creations I've made about it over the past decade, I can see that, primarily, it has been a great delight and exquisite amusement to me. The bringing together of others (by way of this website) who, like myself, have found themselves involved in it, is additionally delightful.

We all wonder -- we "33 experiencers" -- why it has come to us, and not to everyone? This is certainly a good question, and I do not recommend abandoning this line of inquiry. On the other hand, I am not finding any reasons that seem to apply universally, given the profiles of these folks....and I must admit I am tiring of that effort. Of course, if anyone comes with fresh insights, they will be most welcomed!

Maybe understanding it is exactly what "it" is NOT about! Perhaps it's an opportunity to listen to the Silence, to get a glimpse or a reminder of that which will always elude reason: that Grand Mystery that is this life, this Cosmos, the Divine Being.

I remember feeling very moved when (in 1988) I heard the great scholar Joseph Campbell say, "People say that what we're all seeking is a meaning for life. I don't think that's what we're really seeking. I think that what we're seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive."

For me, "33" sort of cuts through a lot of stuff, and points closer to that experience, so long as it dances as Lila, the playfulness of the Divine, rather than sets my mind-wheels rolling and questioning. Because of that endless questioning, I have "tried" over the years to stop seeing it everywhere (through various means), yet that has never worked! But, HOW I see it has varied widely. And, until and unless something universal is reavealed about it, to whatever extent we can really choose, that choice is ours!

All the best,

Your Site Host, Adam


A Mystery's Meaning?

(The following is excerpted from my recent reply to a thoughtful 33 Mysteries community participant):

Perhaps those who see 33s are folks who need to be reminded about the presence of mystery, itself. Of course, I am referring to the Great Mystery that is this existence. In my case, I used to be a pretty hard-bitten causalist (I guess I could say); everything in this universe has to be understandable, if only we can see it in the right way.

Well, even before this 33 thing started in my life, I began to get clues that this view was too narrow. Now, I am much more happily and peacefully living in a Universe whose origins and fundamental workings are utterly mysterious.

So, it may be that there is no way to "understand" the 33 thing. But, even if there were, it seems that such a thing could be potentially valuable for any soul who has lost sight of the essential mystery of this life, this cosmos. Such a person might be Christian, an atheist, smart, not-so-smart....could be any one, it seems to me.

In my own experience, this thing is most certainly of an order of phenomena that is almost entirely unlike anything that may actually be understandable in this world, anything causal. My wife, who is now fully convinced (having remained quite skeptical for many years) that the appearance of 33s in my life is indeed some example of paranormal phenomena, sees it happening to me everyday. Of course, for you also, it is not just appearing on digital clocks. In my daily life, 33 shows up in the most uncanny, extraordinary - even fully "impossible" - ways! I am so glad my wife sees this happening, because it is really unbelievable. I might not believe it myself, except she is there to see it with me.

That kind of thing may be natural in some super-natural way, for sure. But, as to how this universe could manifest some of these most unlikely occurrences is a mystery of an order which I have rarely dealt with in any other way, and surely not something so consistently odd as this, and over such a long period of time.

It would be great for us all to meet! I would feel bad for the many folks, especially in other countries, who might feel excluded though, by not being able to come into the US or afford the ticket or whatever. Anyway, I will keep hoping for that.

~ Adam


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