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In my own daily experience, as with many of you, 33s show up too frequently to be "statistically likely." I would say - in many instances - the frequency or "oddity" of some of my 33 experiences stretches credulity entirely; they seem wholly impossible!

I have just had an insight about this, which matches my present spiritual development and which I want to share with you.

Many great beings, sages and saints have suggested that this waking reality is a sort of dream in much the way that our sleeping dreams are.

Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the great Autobiography of a Yogi, explains that when we die, we will look back over this life with a clear awareness that it was only a dream, in much the same way we look back over our sleep-time dreams and know they were not really real.

The Upanishads describe the deep sleep state (sushupti) as a state of absolute unity: all beings have an identical experience when they are in deep sleep. It would not make sense to ask whether someone has had a different deep sleep experience than we have had.

When we dream, we have the most individualized flights of fancy of who and what we are and what we can and cannot do. We do not share dreams; they are uniquely our own.

When we wake from sleep, we return to a state of consciousness that is something like waking into a dream that has a sense of continuity from day to day; I still am the same person and am doing more or less the same things I was doing yesterday. And, it is a dream we all share, one big, collective dream we are creating together as we dream it together.

For years, I have felt as though 33s are cutting through to some deeper order of reality. And most of the hundreds of people who have written to me about 33s feel they represent a comforting affirmation, a sign or reminder that they are "on the right path."

Today, my insight is this: when 33s show up in ways that seem too synchronistic to be possible, it comes as proof that this waking consciousness is not actually absolutely real, but is in fact a dream that has some flexibility rather than strictly cause and effect, as it would appear.

It is not, therefore, that the 33s are impossible, but that this dream we are sharing has much greater possibility than we imagine!

This may not be "the" answer for everyone. Maybe our search for one single answer is part of the character of the dream we are having together! If this view does not fit for you, let it go. If it does, wonderful! Enjoy our 33 Dream.

"Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream."

6:47 pm mst


My latest reply...
I think the only way anyone can truly "know" the "meaning of 33" is by feeling into the heart; what feels true to the heart is true, but what seems true to the mind may or may not be. It could be that no words can describe the meaning of 33, and that is why the meaning comes as a number, instead!
7:39 pm mdt


A Profound Text on 33
Friends of 33 Mysteries,
A 33 friend who lives near Amsterdam has sent me a Dutch text that I find quite profound and illuminating, perhaps the best explanation of "33" I have seen. See what you think! (It was translated from Dutch to English by an automated program, and I have decided to present it here just as it came out.)
Yours in 33,
The number 33 is the mightiest of all the numbers mean and conscious mental servitude. It is love in the divine sense. In this regard knows no bounds. Absolute tolerance, patience and understanding. The practice of universal laws of harmony, service to the people at the highest level with the elimination of all forms of self-interest, detached from the material, all matters which belong 33. This number is the highest degree of spiritual awareness and attain the greatest inspiration partakers, usually there is incredible psychic power. There are few things that are not within the range of 33 is and how great might and power is used depends on the soul that answers to these vibrations. NEGATIVE 33 are the same as the 6, but inspired and therefore more destructive. Since very old and experienced souls with this number are "blessed", the negative qualities manifest themselves fortunately rare. Someone who will void, usually comes back fairly quickly from his errors. You should totally try to come to the realization that you do indeed have a "master mind" and hence has tremendous strength, power and a huge responsibility on your shoulder. That is because with this gift together.
5:08 pm mst


Hello again, everyone!

I know it has been a long time, almost two years now, since I have written here on my 33 Mysteries blog! I have been very busy, as so many of us are these days.

I want you to know that I have been reading all of your comments in the Guestbook Forum. And, I have not forgotten any of you who have written to me via email in the past. In fact, I think of you often and wonder if you are still seeing 33s, as I am.

And for those of you who have posted recently here, I want you to know that while I used to try to reply to everyone, I hope this message will suffice to say THANK YOU for sharing your experiences. I figured out how to log in again (!) to write this because I have just read the latest Guestbook entries and I feel truly moved by the beautiful and heartfelt comments you have entered there. I wish I had more time to reply to each of your messages individually, I really do.

Also, along with the persistent 33 sightings in my own daily life, there have been so many 33s in the news that it has felt overwhelming for me to keep up with my '33 Facts.' I am happy to see there are many more 33 sites these days; one way or another, lots of folks are now tracking 33s.

With the recent rescue of the 33 Chilean miners, I suspect you have been enjoying the media attention '33' has had! We have heard the number again and again in the news, and I felt moved to watch the rescue on live video feed. My heart rejoiced as each miner came up. I felt grateful that I was able to tune in again near the very end, just as the final people came up and the President placed the lid over the rescue hole. It's wonderful to see how much effort went into saving these 33 people, and I know you all feel as I do, that it is great to once again be witness to some really good news.

I could go on and on after all this time of 'silence,' wanting now to connect with you all, but again I will just send each of you my sincerest thanks and warm regards for participating in this great '33 Mystery' here at my site, for all of your thoughtful messages and especially for your courtesy and appreciation for others who have posted their stories.

Amidst so much derision in the world today, the tone of your messages - your kindness and respect - truly honors and evidences the 'higher consciousness' that so many of us feel may be what the number 33 is all about.

Again, thank you. May you continue to feel the wonder of 33s, and may auspicious circumstances, good health, and peace be yours always.

In 33...
2:13 am mdt


Some Kind Feedback and Thanks To You All!
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:19 AM
Subject: Re: Thank You
Dear Adam,
Thank you for your site, keep up the excellent work. Dare I say it is the "Original and the Best!"" Many have tried and failed but - 33 Mysteries has stood the test of time! Do not be fooled by impersonators! LOL - I just wrote an ad for you!
All the best

Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2008 3:44 AM
Subject: Re: Thank You
Hi Andrea,

I really appreciate your kind comments, and I must admit that I have come to take some pride in my 33 Mysteries website. It has always been my intention to provide a forum for exploration of diverse people's experiences of the number 33 as an argument- and agenda-free web presence. I am pleased that so many have written and shared their experiences so generously and without animosity and that you and others have felt enriched by their visits here. I sincerely believe that "33" calls us to this more compassionate, honest, and considerate approach to one another. My heartfelt thanks go out to each who has helped to make this site what it is.


3:55 am mst


'Let go of 33'? No way!
After I had posted my entry, below, I received some nice replies from you folks. The first one said this: "I think you HAVE gotten the message! So hard to keep remembering it, though."
Others have written to me to say essentially that they concur that it is worthwhile to let go of 33 experiences.
Perhaps I have been misunderstood by all but one! :-)
Please forgive me. After all, I had posted a mysterious list of questions. What can be discerned from a list of questions, especially questions about a mystery? What about answers, Adam???
I may have some for you now, or at least one. Others have suggested something quite similar to this in the past, and I'm not claiming anything particularly new, here. It's making more sense to me now.
Some of the respondents to my blog posting have said things like: Nowadays when I see another 33 I think, 'What the hey,' and just keep going.
That is not at all what I was getting at. In a sense, that is the opposite of what I meant.
What I would like to suggest is this: that 33s are very much to be EMBRACED - ALONG WITH EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS NOT THE 33, AND AT THE SAME INSTANT.
See what I mean?
We have been focusing a lot of energy, feeling a lot of awe and wonder - feeling a deep sense of mystery, and often comfort or affirmation - when we see yet another unlikely 33...on a clock, a license plate, in our lover's numerology or current age (my own wife is 33 this year, in fact)...
Maybe we can take the next step...
Here it is: Next time you find a strange 33 staring you in the face, at that moment, look all around you. Look inside you. Remain calm and quiet, and just look. Don't ask any questions, don't generate any thoughts.... Just amplify that feeling you have about the 33 and apply it to everything, and to everyone, around you... to everything you can see, to everything you can hear and feel, to anything you are touching or tasting...
You see, I am by no means suggesting that you reduce your sense of wonderment when you see a 33. Quite the contrary!
I am now convinced that it is possible in any moment to put that 33 at the center of everything, and then to stretch out with your feelings to the very edge of your universe, as far as your heart can reach. The wonder you feel about 33 can magnify many thousands of times, maybe infinitely, each time you see everything as the SAME AS 33 - as if 33 is at the very Heart of Everything, and you are standing there beside it looking out at all of it, taking it all in, all back into your Heart in that moment....
Those of us who see 33s are immeasurably fortunate to have a reminder like this showing up in our daily lives. We don't even have to exert the energy to remember to pay attention. This thing comes at us, saying: "Hey you, right now: NOTICE! REMEMBER! LOOK AROUND...!"
It is as if the Heart of the Universe suddenly opens up to you, and you are standing there to behold all of it.
Now, I feel confident that eventually - if we approach this in the best spirit - the 33s will no longer need even to remind us. We will see wonder in everything, equally.
Let's not miss this opportunity.
Don't let go of 33... EMBRACE IT ALL.
With love,

11:08 pm mdt

Maybe I do have a new insight...
At the entrance to many Buddhist and Hindu temples, one may see some statues on either side of the steps or walkway as you approach or as you enter. These may be in the form of lion-like figures or snarling "demon-dogs." In some instances, humanoid figures near the entrance may appear alluring or even erotic. Here we have the notion of the "dragon's gate," where the idea is that only those who are "worthy" may pass beyond and into the inner temple, toward the sanctum sanctorum.
The suggestion is that if you are caught up with any strong reaction to any of these figures, these "guardians" - or if you are distracted from the purpose of your visit - then you are not yet ready for the type of calm and openness essential for the greater experience and communion you seek inside the temple itself.
Allow me to pose this question: What if our 33s are like these temple guardians?
Over the nearly 14 years I have been seeing 33s all around me - not infrequently under very odd circumstances or in unusually large quantities where they reasonably should not be - I have become perturbed, to state it honestly. While my reaction has tended toward awe, sometimes it has included an element of fear, as well. During some periods, I have felt somewhat seduced, magnetically drawn to this numeric icon. At other times, I have  felt almost angry, like I am the subject of some cosmic joke or conspiracy to which I alone am not privy!
What if this is the very point of our 33s?
What if when I discover in the lot all around me 5 cars out of 20 with 33s on their license plates, right after I have parked the car at 3:33pm...what if I register no reaction of any kind, aside from merely observing the fact?
Moreover, what if I regard this as nothing any more special than everything else around me in that moment? What if I feel the same sense of wonder to park near a beautifully flowering plant as I feel when I unintentionally park between two 33s?
What if everything I experience inspires a similar reaction; or better, maybe nothing throws me off center, one way or the other? What if I remain in perfect equipoise in all circumstances, seeing nothing as any more or less "special" than anything else?
Why do I react with awe, just because something unlikely appears before me?
What if I recognize that all of this human experience is, in a sense, "unlikely" and precious, just like so many sightings of "33"?
Maybe 33s are the lions at the gate, reminding me that so long as I make distinctions - favoring one thing over another, finding wonder or beauty in this, but not that - then I am still not really getting the message; the message that all is wondrous, that all is Divine, that all is precious and lovely? ...Thinking there is some "message" in 33s, but not in my neighbor telling me again and again how much her long-since-passed, dear pet cat she had lived with alone for 15 years, had especially liked me?
What if that's really what we are dealing with here?
I'll let you know how it goes after some time....
2:28 am mdt


No new insights....
I have the same kind of ongoing relationship with seeing 33s everywhere as most of you, for about the past 14 years now, and still it remains a near total mystery to me. 33 does show up in many spiritual traditions, however, and I intuitively feel that it is mostly a good thing (though we can become obsessive about it - not a good thing!). I don't have many new insights about it at this time.
I know that in our culture, we do not have room for mystical experiences. Much of what gets labeled "psychotic" might be considered mystical in other cultures.
I do not tend to associate 33 with the afterlife, but then I do not see a big distinction between this life and the next. Our true nature is immortal, in my view, and this is just one chapter, one perspective we are having in this present life.
The persistent mystery about 33 for me is why it shows up for some folks, but not others, and frankly, HOW it can show up in the nearly impossible ways it does! My friends can attest that 33s show up in my life with a frequency, and under circumstances, that really genuinely defies any kind of rational probability, so there is something going on with it - something genuinely "paranormal" - and that is about the only thing I can be certain about.
It feels comforting to me, like it is saying I am on the right track. Many who write to me feel that way. One woman wonders whether it is shown to people who are "pure souls in need of some 'correction'", and my reply to her is that - in my view - that applies to each one of us, to all people!
Alas...the mystery continues... Do feel free to keep me updated with any discoveries or revelations you may have about it.
3:21 pm mdt


House Resolution 333 is the Dennis Kucinich bill to impeach Dick Cheney for war crimes and other wrong-doing.
10:26 am mdt


Grim News
In APR-MAY-JUN, 330 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq, the most in any 3 month period since war began. For the first time since the war began, the number of US soldier killed per month has exceeded 100 for three consecutive months. (PBS NewsHour - 06.29.07)
My sincerest sympathies go out to ALL killed and injured.
5:29 pm mdt

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