I would like to thank all those who have helped me in one way or another in redesigning my site. In most cases, the people don't even know they helped me because I referenced their web page and modified examples I found there or found answers to my questions. Despite not having personally talked with them, I am still indebted to their efforts (read: talents) and would like to give credit where credit is due. The list is in no particular order.

A particular thank you goes to BlueRobot whose layout I borrowed heavily from. Rather than putting a comment in my source code, I thought I'd give outright credit so people didn't have to hunt for the inspiration for this site.

Somacon Weblog (fantastic hex color chart)
Community MX (IE hacks)
CSS Drive (loads of examples, tips, tricks, etc)
Vitamin (web design site with a must read How C.R.A.P is your Site Design? (article)
W3 Schools (good starting point with tutorials and examples)
Web Page Design for Designers (another good starting point to learn CSS)
HTML Dog (still another good reference for designing your site)
max design (the king of lists, floats and selectors and how to use them) (learning resource for web development)
BarelyFitz Designs

I'm sure I'm missing some people so if I did talk to you and don't list you, don't be offended. Simply send me a note and a link to your site and I'll add you to the list. As I remember others who have helped I will add them as well.