September 8, 2002
With the one year anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on US soil fast approaching, I figured I'd add my two cents to the pile of rhetoric we hear and will be hearing over the next week.

Maybe it's just me but every time I read or hear someone say how scared they are of a terrorist attack, I just want to throttle them to within an inch of their life and show them what really being scared is all about. Let's put it this way: why would you, an uneducated, inbred redneck nobody from Podunk, USA possibly be afraid of someone leveling your double-wide with a homemade bomb? That's what tornados are for.

This whole disaster of Septemer 11th (I'll use the cutesy 9/11 from now) saga is really beginning to grind on me. Every day we hear of some new terror alert: "San Francisco police put on high alert over unsubstantiated threat", "Patrols increased at all airports over concerns of new advisory", "Nuclear plants at high risk, so says anonymous source".

Come on folks, get a life! The chance of you being the victim of a terror attack, any attack for that matter, is so small as compared to say, being killed in a vehicular accident or choking to death on a peanut (if you're allergic to peanuts, ignore that last rant). You should be more worried about the person behind the counter who just made you your ham sandwich. You know the one, they have sweat dripping from their hair and use the sleeve of their brown t-shirt to wipe their nose.

All these alerts do is to serve the interest of those in power. Look at what has happened since 9/11: we are in the process of adding a new cabinet level position to our government (i.e. more taxes to pay), expanded the powers of police to randomly search us, our premises and most everything else without a warrant, have brought up the age-old notion of having a national ID system, have increased our intelligence services budgets substantially (even though they've shown they are incapable of adding 1+1) AND, and here's the best part, now have the suggestion that we should be spying on our neighbors.

Let us also not forget that we have this whole fiasco of what to do with that hole in the ground which was the World Trade Center (author note: I was last at the towers less than 2 years before the disaster. In fact, I was in one of the underground concourses and subway stations you may have seen in various videos. I went back on the day our bombing began in October, 2001 and did take photos of the what was left of that great structure.).

The events that occured on 9/11 have obviously changed our lives forever: increased security at every major sporting event, more checks at airports (which still don't prevent weapons from being taken onboard aircraft), the establishment of a new cabinet level position (well, almost established) to deal specifically with security within our borders, and a myriad of other rules and regulations designed to make our lives more safe.

The trouble is all these new security measures have done is to increase the amount of time it takes to do something (enter a stadium, board a plane, etc) without actually increasing our overall security. Don't believe me? How about this for an example. I live near a nuclear power plant. In July a pair of fishermen landed their boat on the island this plant sits on and had to be hunted down before they were arrested and charged with trespassing.

This plant has at its main gate, at all times, two state police vehicles and a humvee. That's a minimum of four armed persons not to mention the plants own security of two people. The grounds of this plant are lit from sundown to sunup in bright lights. Fences topped with barbed wire surround everything. Yet, two people were able to land their boat undetected and walk about for at least an hour before their boat was discovered and reported and they were taken into custody.

These two persons obviously had nothing to hide. They just made a very poor judgement as to where to fish. Imagine though if these two had wanted to cause mischief. For an hour they went undiscovered. With a pair of wire cutters and a satchel charge or two they could have disabled the power supply for several thousand people for weeks and left undetected.

How about the man who shot two people dead at the Los Angeles International airport on July 4th? He walked right into the terminal with a handgun and a knife. Imagine if he had explosives in a laptop case and walked to a crowded area of the airport.

The fact of the matter is there is nothing you can do to prevent an attack. All the security measures in place will not stop a determined foe from finding a weakness and exploiting it. Your worrying about being the next victim is exactly what your enemy wants you to do. Therefore, STOP YOUR BITCHING AND GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE! You mean nothing to an attacker. You are a nobody. The sooner you understand that the sooner you can go back to watching Jerry Springer while shoving Ho Hos down your fat, lazy throat.