About Me
I am not a professional web designer (can you tell?). This is my little space on the web which I have created in the way that I want. It helps me add to my skillset so if I am ever called upon to work on a web page, I have an understanding of how things should work.

Everything you see here was done using Notepad. I have tried my best to code to the web standards and not use IE-only code. If something doesn't look right, more than likely it is your browser. Especially if you are using Internet Explorer.

My paying job is in IT. I more or less fell into my work after not being able to find a position in my degreed field (paralegal studies). I'm not the sharpest tack in the box but I know what I know and don't mind being told when I don't know something. Learning something new is always good.

While I am not an ubergeek (I always refer to myself as a geek in training), I do enjoy some aspects of the technology field. However, I am a luddite when it comes to some things such as not having a cell phone, not having any organizing device (Blackberry, PalmPilot, etc), not having a theater-quality sound system nor huge plasma tv and don't see the need to always have the latest and greatest. I prefer to live simply, within my means and adhere to the 'Quality over Quantity' rule.

Not that you need to know but I'm single, never married. Still looking for someone of the female persuasion who can mesh with me, understands my quirky/sarcstic/offbeat sense of humor and who has a mischievous streak in her. If you know someone who can laugh at the comic genius of Not Another Teen Movie, can understand (and/or has gone through) 40 Days and 40 Nights and who can appreciate the prescient plot of Sneakers, or if you are that person, drop me a line. No smokers and they must be in reasonably good shape. I don't expect them to run a marathon (I can't) but they shouldn't need to stop every few minutes while walking around a city.

As if to reinforce the single guy living alone picture, I have a cat whom I took in after he was found abandoned at about one year of age. I am all he has known for most of his life and as a result, he and I are best friends. He trusts me implicitly and enjoys having his belly rubbed. Sorry, no picture available but trust me, he's cute.