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Starting in 1682 and continuing for several decades afterwards, large numbers of Quakers migrated from the British Isles to William Penn's colony, Pennsylvania. The following individuals are among my ancestors who are associated with that migration. This page includes only those ancestors about whom I know more than their names.

Abraham Darlington (1689/90-1776)
George Chandler (1633-1687)
Jane, the widow Chandler (before 1655-after 1716)
Jane Chandler (1670-1726)
Thomas Hilborn (1655-1723)
Elizabeth Hooten (1673-after 1732)
Samuel Hooten (1633-c1700-02)
Robert Jefferis (c1656-1739)
Ralph Lewis (before 1665 -1710)
Jane Moore (1632-1722)
John Sharpless (1624-1685)
Elizabeth Smedley

Abraham Darlington was baptised 13 March 1689/90 in Whitegate parish, Cheshire, England. He died 9 Feb.1776 in Birmingham township, Chester County, Penn. The second son of Job Darlington and Mary Nield of Darnhall, Cheshire, England, Abraham migrated to America about 1711, but possibly before 1704. He apparently became a Quaker after coming to America. He first settled Aston township, Chester (now Delaware) County, Penn. In 1724, he moved to Birmingham Township, Penn. He was a saddler and farmer. In later life, he was self-taught physician and surgeon of considerable repute. Held various township offices and was Chester County coronor for year beginning Oct. 4, 1729. Abraham married twice: Deborah Carter on March 31, 1712, no children; Elizabeth Hilborn on Jan 3, 1716. Elizabeth is the daughter of Thomas Hilborn and Elizabeth Hooten. Abraham and Elizabeth had 10 children.

George Chandler. Baptized Apr. 8, 1633 in Wilcot parish, Wiltshire, England, the same day his mother was buried. Third child of John and Ann Chandler. After marriage, acquired farm at Great Hodge in adjoining parish of Pewsey, where he probably lived until migration to America. March 31, 1686, George and brother John bonded to Robert Pyle for 20 pounds, 12 shillings, payable in America to Robert Pyle Jr. and Nicholas Pyle. Died at sea enroute to Pennsylvania on Dec 13, 1687.

Jane ???. Married George Chandler before 1671 in England, probably Wiltshire. She died after 1716 in Penn. Jane pparently lived prosperous life, marrying two or three times after arriving in Pennsylvania. I have found references to the Widow Chandler's home, which was apparently still standing in 1876 on what is now the site of U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. Her brother-in-law, John Chandler, was active in colonial politics and close to William Penn. In August court session 1689, Jane Hawkes was one of 12 women appointed to examine condition of female criminal, only instance of the kind on record. George and Jane had seven or eight children. Second husband: William Hawkes (??-c.1694) Third husband: James Bayliss (??-c.1716)

Jane Chandler was born 1670 in Marborough, Wiltshire, England,the daughter of George and Jane Chandler. She died 1726 in East Bradford Township, Penn. . She arrived in Pennsylvania with mother and siblings in 1687. Her father died at sea. Jane married Robert Jefferis, possibly in January 1693. They had 13 children.

Thomas Hilborn [also Hillborn, Hilbourn, Hilbourne]. Baptized Dec. 17, 1655 at St. Mary's Church, North Petherton, Somerset County, England. Died April 30, 1723, in Newtown, Bucks County, Penn. Son of Robert and Mary (Hayes) Hilborn. Immigrated to Newport, R.I. in 1670 as indentured servant of Christopher Holder, a Quaker minister. His indenture was for four years and was signed March 25, 1670 at Bristol, England. Among Quakers whipped in Boston at some time before 1677. In Shrewsbury, N.J., by Aug. 18, 1687 when he acquired land from John Tucker of Deale. On March 22, 1687/8 he received patent to 100 acres of land. Bought other land in New Jersey in 1690s. Appointed by governor of East and West Jersey as one of three guardians of his father-in-law on Feb. 15, 1692/3. Moved to Bucks County, Penn., about 1702.

The noted Quaker folk artist Edward Hicks (1780-1849) painted a picture of Thomas Hilborn's residence in Bucks County. It can be seen, among other places, on the Website.

Elizabeth Hooten was born 1673 in Skegby, Nottinghamshire, England, the younger of two children of Samuel and Elizabeth (Smedley) Hooten. She died after 1732, probably in Bucks County, Penn. Her parents immigrated to Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, N.J. about 1675. Elizabeth married Thomas Hilborn 12 Dec. 1688, at her mother's home in Shrewsbury. She, her husband and her mother were appointed guardians of her father in 1693. Elizabeth and Thomas had 12 children.

Samuel Hooten was baptized 1633 at Ollerton, Nottingham, England. Probably died 1700-02 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, N.J. Second of seven children of Oliver and Elizabeth Hooton. On Feb. 15, 1692/3, his wife, his daughter Elizabeth and her husband, Thomas Hilborn, were appointed by governor of East and West Jersey to be guardians of Samuel because he is "rendered uncapable to act through a distemper of lunacy." All four were living in Shrewsbury, N.J., at time. They were still acting as guardians as late as Oct. 16, 1699 when they sold several lots of his property in Mansfield Township, Burlington County, N.J. Married Elizabeth Smedley of Skegby in 1670 at his mother's house in Skegby, Nottinghamshire, England.

Robert Jefferis. Born 1656, possibly in Wiltshire, England. Died Apr 4, 1739 in East Bradford Township, Penn. Possibly son of John Jefferis. Came to Pennsylvania no later than 1685 and possibly as early as Dec. 15, 1681, perhaps on ship Bristol Factor. Earliest record is as witness in Chester Sept. 1685. Robert Jefferis married twice. The first was Jane Chandler. The second was Ann, maiden name unknown. Robert was active in public affairs. Served as constable in Westtown in 1703, succeeding his neighbor, Richard Buffington (see other immigrant ancestors). Many of his descendants were Quakers, but according to Gilbert Cope, who did extensive Quaker genealogy work in late 1800s, it does not appear that Robert himself was a Quaker. In 1691, he bought 60 acres near middle of Upper Chichester twp, probably living there until 1701. In 1701, he bought 169 acres in what is now East Bradford and sold Chichester lands. In 1721, he added 189 acres to holdings by purchase. In 1733, Robert conveyed homestead to son Benjamin, reserving a lifetime interest.

Ralph Lewis was born in Glamorganshire, Wales. He died in 1710 in Chester County, Penn. Ralph is possibly the son of Ralph and Ann (Prichard) Lewis, although another theory is that father was David Lewis. Family left Teverig or Illan, Glamorgan(shire), Wales for Pennsylvania in 1683 with John Bevan, a cousin, apparently through John's mother Jane Prichard, sister of Ann. If Prichard connection is accurate, the line extends back into royal family of England. The group sailed on ship Morning Star, of Chester, Thomas Hayes, master. Ship left Mosson in September 1683, arriving in Delaware River and at Philadelphia Nov. 16-20, 1683. Ralph first settled in Haverford township, Chester County, Penn. He and his family may have moved to Darby township in 1691. His wife, Mary, died 2 Sept. 1704, in Chester County, Penn.

Jane Moor or Moore was born in 1632 in England. She died 1 Nov. 1722 in Chester County, Penn. Jane married John Sharples(s) on Apr. 27, 1662. They had seven children.

John Sharples(s) was baptized 15 Aug. 1624, in Wynbunbury, Cheshire, England. He died 11 June 1685 in Ridley Township, Chester County, Penn. John settled near Chester (then Upland), Penn., in 1682. He built a cabin on Ridley Creek in 1,000-acre grant of land (partially in Middleton township). John was among earliest followers of George Fox (Quakers) in England and one of original purchasers of land in William Penn's colonization efforts. The family came to American on either the "Lyon" from Liverpool, England, which arrived at Philadelphia 13 Aug. 1682, or the "Friendship" from Liverpool, which arrived 14 Aug. 1682. The latter is considered more likely. He and his wife, Jane Moore, had seven children. His death and those of his two daughters, Phebe and Jane, occured within a few weeks of each other.

Elizabeth Smedley was born 12 May 1655 in Skegby, Nottinghamshire, England, the daughter of Richard and Dorcas Smedley. She died after 1702, probably in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, N.J. Elizabeth married Samuel Hooten 30 Nov 1670, at Skegby Hall (home of mother-in-law, Elizabeth Hooten), Skegby, Nottinghamshire, England. She and Samuel had at least two children. She was appointed guardian for her husband along with daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law Thomas Hilborn by governor of New Jersey in 1693. Last record I have found of her is attendance at a wedding at the Quaker meeting house in Shrewsbury, N.J., on Jan. 18, 1702/3.

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