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Welcome to a page of ancestorial pictures. At present it includes pictures taken between the 1850s and 1908. More pictures will be added as time permits.

Daniel Seitz was born 17 Dec. 1791 in Rockingham County, Va., a son of Lewis and Anna Beery SEITZ. When he was 10 or 11 years old, his family moved to Fairfield County, Ohio, where Daniel lived the rest of his life. Daniel was a teamster in the War of 1812, serving about six weeks from mid-August 1813 to about the first of October, driving a four-horse wagon. Daniel received 160-acre land warrant No. 95723 on 23 Nov. 1860 for that service. However, his widow was later turned down in her application for a pension. Daniel was a farmer. He married first Elizabeth HITE 1 June 1813. His father performed the ceremony. They had 11 children. She died 14 May 1831. Daniel married second Catherine Beery, a second cousin,15 April 1832. The ceremony was performed by his brother Jacob Seitz, a justice of peace. Daniel and Catherine had eight children. Daniel died 14 Oct. 1864.

Pictures: The picture on the left is an untouched scanned picture of an ambrotype in my possession that was tentatively identified by my father in 1983 as having been made in 1856. That date is consistent with the case, Daniel's apparent age and pictures of his wife, Catharine, and son, Enoch, that are found below. Next to it is the image after cropping and extensive electronic touchups in areas where the original image is scrapped, most notably the diamond-shaped area on his forehead. The third picture is a cropped and enhanced version of the fourth picture which is a copy of one found in a scrapbook of family items collected by a granddaughter of Daniel. It appears to have been made from a colorized ambrotype made at the same time as the one on the left. There are enough minor differences that I am confident it was not made from the ambrotype in my possession. I have electronically enhanced the color and contrast in the third picture.

The history of this drawing of Daniel Seitz is unknown. It is likely that it is actually a drawing of a nephew of the Daniel described above. It was discovered in a box of family history materials that was accumulated by Daniel's grandson, Enoch Beery Seitz Jr., and is presumed to have passed into his possession from his grandmother, Catherine Beery Seitz, Daniel's widow. The print does not appear to have been cut from a book; however, the identical picture has been discovered in "History of Seneca County, Ohio," published by Warner, Beers & Co., of Chicago in 1886. The cousin who called this to my attention says it is not clear from the Beers book, which he describes as full of misinformation, whose picture this is, the Daniel who is my great-great grandfather or Daniel Seitz, son of John and Magdalena Spitler Seitz and a nephew of the first Daniel. If it is the nephew, it is the only thing in the box that is not directly tied to my direct line. If anybody can make a positive identification -- or even provide more clues -- it would be appreciated if you would let me know.

Catherine Beery was born 11 April 1808 in Fairfield County, Ohio, a daughter of Isaac and Mary Cradlebaugh BEERY. She married a second cousin, Daniel Seitz, 15 April 1832 in Fairfield County. They had 8 children. Following Daniel's death, Catherine and at least three of her children, George, Diane and Enoch, moved to Greenville, Ohio, about 1866. Catherine applied for a widow's pension in 1878-79 based on Daniel's service in the War of 1812. The application was rejected because the government claimed he was a civil employee, with which Catherine disagreed, claiming he was drafted and discharged. From about 1880 until after his death in 1883, Catherine lived in the household of her son, Enoch Beery Seitz, in Kirksville, Mo. In1884 Catherine moved to Putnam County, Ohio, to live with her daughter Sophrana. Catherine died 2 Feb.1904.

Pictures: The picture on the left is copied from an ambrotype (identification by photographer acquaintance is not certain, it may be daguerreotype) that appears to have been made in the mid 1850s based on the case in which it is enclosed. I believe it was taken at same time as her husband Daniel's above and her son, Enoch, below. Picture has been cleaned up electronically to removed worst of scratches.

The picture on the right is copied from a carte de visite that was made when Catherine was about 80 according to notes made by her grandson, Enoch Beery Seitz Jr. That would be c.1888, which is past the peak popularity for this type of picture, which is an albumen print measuring 2-1/4 by 3-3/4 inches mounted to a card measuring 2-1/2 by 4-1/4 inches. Picture has had some minor electronic retouching.

Enoch Beery Seitz was born 25 August,1846 near Bremen, Fairfield County, Ohio, a son of Daniel and Catherine Beery SEITZ. Tradition has it that he was interested in learning at an early age and would prop a book on his plow while working on the family farm. In any event he acquired a reputation as one of the best American mathematicians of his era, specializing in averages and probabilities, and was the fifth American ever to be elected to the Mathematical Society of London. About 1866, he moved with his widowed mother and a brother and a sister to Greenville, Ohio. He attended but did not graduated from Wesleyan College in Delaware, Ohio. Contrary to many sources, Enoch attended the college to take nonmathematical courses, according to his older brother, George W. Seitz (1842-1945). Enoch was largely self-taught in mathematics. From 1872 to 1879, Enoch held the chair of mathmatics at Greenville high school. He also apparently served as principal for part of that period. Enoch married Anna Elizabeth Kerlin 1875 in Greenville. In 1879 he moved to Kirksville, Mo., to become professor of mathematics at the state Normal School there. Enoch died of typhoid fever 8 Oct. 1883, a few months after his fourth son was born. At the time of his death, Enoch had accepted a position as chairman of the math department at the University of Texas. Two letters written by Enoch to his then fiance Anna Kerlin can be found on the Darke County, Ohio, genealogical researchers website.

Pictures: The picture on left is copied from an ambrotype that was made in 1856 when Enoch was 10 years old. It was probably made at the same time as the pictures of his parents found above. The picture is in very good shape and received only minor electronic touchups. Picture on right is cropped from carte de visite picture taken by Tull & Parcell Photographer in Kirksville, Mo., between 1879 and 1883. It has been electronically retouched slightly to remove slight water damage.

Elijah Iles Kerlin was born 22 Oct.1809 in Washington County, Tenn., the oldest child of William and Sarah Iles KERLIN. He was a farmer his entire life. Elijah married Nellie Melinda (Milly) SANDS 16 June1827 in Greene County, Tenn. In 1831, Elijah and his family moved to Wayne County, Ind., where he lived the remainder of his life. He returned to Tennessee in 1832 to campaign for Andrew Jackson for president. Two years later, Elijah received a grant of 160 acres near Richmond, Ind. The land remained in his family's hands for three generations. Elijiah and Millie had 11 children. Milly died 16 Sept. 1879. Elijiah died 20 Sept. 1901.

Picture: This picture is copied and cropped from a carte de visite picture that was taken by M. Wolfe, photographer, 286 Main St., Richmond, Ind., probably in the 1870s. The original picture is an oval on a rounded-corner rectangle. I have done nothing to this picture beyond scanning and cropping it.

An older Elijah can be found in a four-generation picture on the group photographs page.

Anna Elizabeth Kerlin was born 27 Dec. 1854 in Wayne County, Ind., a few miles north of Richmond, Ind., a daughter of William Kendrick and Hannah Jefferis KERLIN and granddaughter of Elijiah Iles Kerlin pictured above. Her parents moved to Darke County, Ohio, in 1865, where her father later became county treasurer and then a banker. in Greenville. Anna was a teacher from 1872 until her marriage to Enoch Beery Seitz 24 June1875. They moved to Kirksville, Mo., in 1879 when Enoch took a position as professor of mathematics at the state Normal School. Following Enoch's death in 1883, Anna returned to Greenville and resumed her teaching career for nine years. She then returned to Kirksville as a professor at the Normal School and principal or supervisor of its demonstration school from 1894 to 1898. Her three surviving sons began attending the Normal School. During this period, Anna also began attending Columbian School of Osteopathy, from which she graduated in 1899, becoming a doctor of osteopathy. She practiced in Richmond, Ind., Cape Girardeau, Mo., and Phoenix, Ariz. In early 1904, Anna completed for a post-graduate course at Kirksville's American School of Osteopathy (at the time a separate institution from Columbian). In February of that year, she returned to Greenville, Ohio, where she became the only female osteopathic practitioner in Darke County. Anna died 19 Feb. 1918.

Picture: This picture is copied from an ambrotype that appears from its case to have been made in the mid to late 1850s. The picture has been electronically despeckled and been selectively sharpened. A four-generation picture on the group photographs page includes Anna when she was in her 40s.

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