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In writing his 1933 article on Enoch Beery Seitz, R.C. Hall made or repeated several errors concerning the family genealogy. For example, I have found no evidence that the Seitzes are related to Helen Keller. As best I can tell from brief research, Helen Keller's ancestory is not connected to the Keller family that intermarried with the Seitz and Beery families. However, the relationships to the actors Wallace and Noah Beery and to U.S. Sen. Clarence Dill are correct.

The Seitz family that produced Enoch Beery Seitz arrived in Pennsylvania in 1764, not 1730. The Beery family arrived in 1727, not 1720. I do not have a date for the arrival of the Keller family. See German and Swiss immigrant ancestors page for more details on Beery and Seitz ancestors.

Daniel Seitz was born 1791 in Rockingham County, Va. However, he moved to Fairfield County, Ohio, while still a child in the household of his parents, Lewis Seitz and Anna Beery. Both of Daniel's marriages took place in Fairfield County. His second wife, Catherine Beery, was his second cousin, not third. See Pictures page for more details

Enoch Beery Seitz was the seventh of eight children of Daniel Seitz and Catherine Beery. The youngest child, Levi, lived 18 months.

The brother who died while serving in the Civil War was Noah.

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I'm not the only person who has found errors in published stories about Enoch Beery Seitz. The following letter (or portion of letter) was written by George W. Seitz, older brother of Enoch. George was born in Fairfield County, Ohio, 18 Dec. 1841 and died in Los Angeles, Calif. 9 July 1945. He was a fifer in the Civil War. During most of his life he was a carpenter, although he also farmed and operated a store at least once during his life.

The original of this letter in the possession of one of George's great-grandchildren consists of two handwritten pages numbered 3 and 4. The fate and content of pages 1 and 2 are unknown as is the date it was written. Nor is it known whether a copy of the letter was delivered to or published by the Gazette. Another relative has suggested that the most likely Gazette to which it was addressed is located in Delaware, Ohio.

Editor of the Gazette

Lately there has been a great deal of publicity given in different publications about my brother Prof. Enoch B. Seitz including some serious errors that I will correct if by your courteous permission will give byographical account of his brief but eventful life as the world's greatest mathematician at the end of his life or since then. Prof E.B. Seitz by which tittle he was known in Europe and America, was born in Bremen Ohio Aug 24, 1846 and died Oct. 8. 1883 in the very prime of life.

As a boy he developed a great thirst for mathematics and at the age of 15 years outdistanced all the teachers in Fairfield county and at age 16 years taught his first [unreadable] in his home district. then the Henford school south of Bremen two winters with great success having as students 20 scholars older than himself. At the age of 20 he went to Greenville O[hio] and received a position as a teacher in the high school and at the age of 21 he was also appointed a member of the board of examiners and was elected chairman. About that time he began to be a contributor to mathematical publications throughout the united states and soon attracted universal attention by his short and attractive style of solving difficult problems. In 1870 he took a one years course in other branches of studies in the University of Delaware 0. here is where a great injustice is done him by many writers by stating he went to that university and took up mathematics and graduated. He did not graduate and he did not study mathematics in that institution as he at that age had outclassed all mathematicians of the united states and reality all the world. I trust this will settle that error. In the summer of1879 he was offered the position of Professor of Mathematics in the State Normal School of Missouri located at Kirksville without his solicitation and to his surprise and accepted and taught that institution three full years and just began the fourth year when that demon typhoid fever attacked him and lived but three [unreadable] the three years that institution became as the greatest mathematical institution in the Miss. valley. Many of his graduates became famous in life the most outstaxiding one was Gen. John J. Pershing. Prof. E.B. Seitz broke many world's records. The most outstanding ones are. First: He mastered all the higher branches of mathematics without a teacher, Algebra, Geometry, Trigenometry, Calculus, Average and Probabilities. Second: He became a world renowned mathematician twenty younger than any other man. Third: He originated more difficult problem than any other man (500 in all) Fourth: He solved more diffident problem given by others than any other man.

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