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This page is not intended to compete with websites that contain page after page of genealogical links. That niche is already well filled, most notably by Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet.

This page has the more modest purpose of leading to Websites with information about families that are related to the family lines of my wife and myself. There is another, longer page of links for websites devoted to counties in which ancestors of myself or my wife lived.

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The Website of Don DeWitt will introduce you to my DeWitt ancestry.

Some of the history of my Bolt ancestors can be found at Bolt Ancestors.

Seitz Family Home
John O. Seitz belongs to a branch of my Seitz family that migrated from Ohio to Texas. His Seitz Family Home page has pictures and other information about his family before and after it moved to Texas.

Gearhart Seitz Family Genealogy Pages
Another Website connected to my Seitz family is the Gearhart Seitz Family Genealogy Pages of sisters Adrienne and Nancy. They are descendants of my great-great-grandfather, Daniel Seitz, and his first wife, Elizabeth Hite.

Seitz Family Genealogy Page
Barny Sitz, who runs the Seitz mailing list at RootsWeb, also has a Website. His Seitz roots go back to North Carolina, but the Seitz genealogy site has a broader focus.

For a look at the life and times of Timen Stiddem and information about some of his descendants in Delaware and elsewhere, visit the website of The Timen Stiddem Society I'm descended from two sons of Timen Stiddem.

logo copyright The Timen Stiddem Society

William Stidham Sig Allen Gatham has placed on his website a letter written in 1824 by my four-great grandfather, William Stidham, a grandson of Timen Stiddem, to William's brothers Jonas and David. For the record, the Seitz/Sites family in Allen's family tree is not related to my family.

It's not a genealogy site, although it has some links that qualify, but for an introduction to my Huguenot ancestors who founded New Paltz, N.Y. visit Hudson Valley Network's Huguenot Street Historic District.

Are you male and is your last name Seitz, Sides, Sites, Sitz, Sights, Scites or Seiz? You could help other people with these names in their genealogical research by joining the Sides/Seitz/Scites/Sights/Sitz DNA Project at Family Tree DNA The more Seitz men from around the world who are willing to participate, the more likely it is that those of us seeking our European ancestors will be able to determine where those ancestors lived. Who knows, you might even find some cousins you didn't know about in the United States, Canada or wherever you live. Your part in providing the sample for DNA testing is simple.

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