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KMS quote If you want to see my ahnentafel chart, it can be found on the Darke County, Ohio, genealogy website. Be aware that it has not been updated in several years and may contain errors. Also on that site are letters written by my ancestors Enoch Beery Seitz and William Kendrick Kerlin more than 100 years ago. The latter link takes you to an index page. Both links will open a new window or tab. To return here, close it.

The genealogical content of this site includes biographical sketches of the known immigrant ancestors of my wife and myself and pictures of some of my 19th and 20th century ancestors. In addition there is a page devoted to places where my genealogical research has hit roadblocks. I'm hoping visitors to this site will have information that can get me past the blockage.

My great-grandfather, Enoch Beery Seitz, achieved some fame as a mathematician in the 19th century. His life is the subject of a 1933 newspaper article written 50 years after his death. You will find it at Teacher of the Great.

The biographical sketches have been divided into four categories. If you see anybody from whom you believe you might be descended, let me know and we can compare notes. Click here for a new window or tab containing my e-mail address.

The Quaker immigrants
The Huguenot immigrants
The German and Swiss immigrants
The other immigrants

For my family tree mysteries, go to my genealogical roadblocks

Interested in old photographs. Take a look at pictures of my ancestors made from the mid 19th century and to the early 20th century.

Some aren't my ancestors, but there is a section devoted to pictures of children through the generations.

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Are you male and is your last name Seitz, Sides, Sites, Sitz, Sights, Scites or Seiz? You could help other people with these names in their genealogical research by joining the SIDES/SEITZ/SITES/SITZ/SIGHTS/SCITES/SEIZ DNA PROJECT. The more Seitz men from around the world who are willing to participate, the more likely it is that those of us seeking our European ancestors will be able to determine where those ancestors lived. Who knows, you might even find some cousins you didn't know about in the United States, Canada or wherever you live. Your part in providing the sample for DNA testing is simple. The link will open a new window or tab. To return here, close it.

For the latest on my Seitz family's DNA results go to my reports on the German origins of Johannes Seitz and the Mystery of Lewis Seitz.

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