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Po Hladině/Waterwalk

Prague 2003

Waterwalk was created

as a memorial for the first

anniversary of the floods

that devastated Prague

in the summer of 2002.

On the invitation of the  

Centrum pro současné

umění Praha/Prague

Center for Contemporary Art

and in cooperation

with the Serpens Group.

Krondl covered the floor

of the former Palmovka

 Synagogue with a large

photograph of the

surface of the Vltava

river.  Visitors were

invited to walk

across the “flooded”

interior of the building.

Image size:

33 by 39 ft

(10 by 12 m)

Digital print on vinyl.


New York 2005

This site-specific

project was part of

Meteorologic Phenomena,

an exhibition at

Wave Hill, a garden

and cultural center

on the banks

of the Hudson River.   

Visitors who wanted  

to see the summer

exhibit had no choice

but to walk over

a photograph

of ice flows.  

The image itself

was a photograph

of the Hudson River

as sheets of ice floated

past New York City.

Image size:  

170 by 100 in

(4.3 by 2.5 m)

Digital print on vinyl.


Baltimore 2004 

Fence was included  in

Sculpture at  Evergreen,

an exhibition that responded

to the grounds and history of

Evergreen House.  The  image,

a garden of rose thorns,

covered the old greenhouse

foundations of the estate.  In the

course of the exhibition,

actual vegetation gradually

overgrew the simulated.

Image size: 

5 by 60 ft (1.5 by 18 m)

Digital print on vinyl.


New York 2005

Like many of Krondl’s

pieces, the trompe l’oeil

effect of Wave had

an especially threatening

quality. It was installed at

Black & White Gallery

as part of their on-going

projects series.  From the

interior, the tsunami reference

was unmistakable through

surfing was also not far

from many viewers’ minds.

Image size: 

19 by 23 ft

(5.8 by 7 m)

Digital print on vinyl.


New York 2007

Krondl has referred to Fall as a Frankenstein-like step child of

the Hudson River School of painting.  Here, nature is threatening rather

than sublime.  The digitally

manipulated photograph originates

in a tributary of the Hudson. 

Appropriately, the installation

at Black & White Gallery

was only a few steps from

the banks of the great river. 

Image size: 

9.5 by 66 ft

(3 by 20 m)

Digital print on vinyl.

March Swamp

Omi 2006

March Swamp was part

of a group exhibition

of large-scale outdoor

photographs curated

by Peter Franck

and Kathleen Heike Triem

at The Fields Sculpture

Park at Art Omi.

Krondl reproduced

part of the landscape

with a photo shot

in March.  Even as

the barren image

remained the same,

the surroundings


with the seasons.  


99 by 159 in

(2.5 by 4 m)

Digital print on vinyl.

Fall (Charlotte)

Charlotte, NC 2010

The installation piece first exhibited in New York was reimagined for a corporate bank building lobby.

Image size: 

19 by 36 ft (6 by 11 m)

Digital print on vinyl.

Splash (LMCC)

New York 2010

The site specific piece was created for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council annual “Downtown Dinner.” (installation view)

7 by 31 ft (2 by 9.5 m)

Digital print on vinyl.