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Partial Proceeds will go toward our animal rescue efforts!

"Saber"- Rescued Kitty
Too Cute, Had to Keep!

Kristy has been doing animal rescue for as long as she can remember. This page is dedicated to just a few of the countless animals that have been rescued by her, rehabilitated and given to loving homes. Kristy has ALWAYS found homes for ALL the animals she has ever found or has reunited them with their owners, if they were lost. (A couple of them were just too cute and found homes with her.)

A small rescue
Cricket was reunited with his owner after ads were placed and signs were posted! Yeah!
A Tiny Rescue
We reunited this little girl with her very appreciative owner
This guy was hit by a car and left for dead
We scooped him up and sent him off to the vet! We later reunited him with a very relieved owner!
Sheperd Rescue, "Max"
A Very Appreciative Dog!
We found loving homes!
Tikki found a loving home
With the help of B.A.R.C. & T.A.N.Y.A's Rescues

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