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* Partners-In-Rhyme
Learn new vocabulary words using limericks.

* The Limerick Zone
Limericks for the naughty minded adult.

* The Good Emporium
Almost 100 clown limericks!

* SPAM Limericks Page
Tons of limericks about that canned lunch meat!

* Jordan's Limerick Page
Lots of limericks.

* The Limerick Area
Limericks in English and French about Charles & Lady Di, Microsoft, Kurt Cobain, Grannies and dissected animals.

* Misha's Web Page
Some limericks that might seem a little familiar to Loony Limerick's fans.

* Rejects from the Saturday Evening Post Limerick Contest
Oh wow! Don't miss this site. These are BAD!

* Physics Limericks
Works submitted to The American Physical Society Limerick Contest.

* Right Wing Limericks
An e-laugh newsletter published via e-mail every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Humorous Sites

* The Laugh Factory
Good for a laugh!

* Roger's PC Poetry
Don't worry, PC stands for "personal computer."

featured in C*E*A * The Centre for the Easily Amused
Amusing the world one person at a time.

* ABadGuy's Page of Poems
Dedicated to nonsensical poems.

* The Weekly Giggle
Get the joke of the week in your e-mail box.

* The Joe Ditzel Humor Column
Start the week with a laugh!

Poets Anonymous Site Award * Poets Anonymous
Great free newsletter!

* Frederico Albana's Poet Preserve
A listing of sites with some of the most amusing poetry on the Internet.

Good Reading

The leading online book store.

* The National Library of Poetry
The definitive source of poetry on the web.

* The Wiretap Electronic Text Archive
Free service providing electronic texts.

* Project Gutenberg
Many electronic books available for FREE!

* The Literary Jungle
The best and latest short stories and poetry from writers you've never heard of.

A Few of My Friends

* Teala's Tour Mailing List
Surf the internet with Teala.

* Art Bomb
Paintings for the mind and the sublime.

Other Cool Sites

* Bay Area BBS Reunion
If you remember what a BBS is, you might want to check this out.

* Kris-10's Top 10
Great list of free resources for your web page.

* Kristen's Duran Duran Scrapbook
Pictures and articles from an 80's scrapbook.

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