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About This Page...

Loony Limericks has collected over 1000 limericks submitted by web surfers over the last nine years. Limericks are sorted into three categories: Favorites (the ones I really like), Naughty for mature audiences, and Nice for everybody to enjoy. Other interesting poetry is put in the Not Quite section. The Search Feature can help you locate limericks by key words.

Lousy Limericks Lousy Limericks Volume 1 Now Available!
Some of the best Mass Limericks are now available in print! I personally picked 50 of my favorite limericks from eight years of the Mass Limerick archives. All contributors are given credit -- You may see your own poetic brilliance in this fine book. Order yours today from the new Loony Limericks Gift Shop. All proceeds will go towards making this a better site.

Recent Updates...

July 15, 2004: While I have been taking a break from the limerick world, I have been concentrating on game development. My project, Money Match Mobile, is now entered in the Sony Ericsson Game Developers Challenge 2004. Help me out by trying this game and voting! You can play it online for free. At the end of the contest, the game will be available for download onto cell phones.

June 9, 2004: Big news! I'm reviving this site with a bang! Some of the best Mass Limericks are now availabe in print from the new Loony Limericks Gift Shop.

May 11, 2002: Please don't pester me about updating this site. It hasn't been updated in a year, and I don't know when I'll find the inspiration to work on it again.

March 12, 2001: Have a happy St. Patrick's Day this week! I've added 42 limericks to the Naughty category, 44 limericks to the Nice category, and 5 poems to the Not Quite category.

February 3, 2001: I've added 19 limericks to the Naughty category, 40 limericks to the Nice category, and 3 poems to the Not Quite category.

Those were the most recent submissions. I still have a huge log of previous entries which I will try to review and add as time permits.

December 8, 2000: 2000 has been a rough year. Although I finally got the Mass Limerick working again, I've made very few updates to this site. Why? Well, I took several months to recover from a broken leg, and then, just recently, my ISP decided to disconnect me without warning. So I'm busy moving Loony Limericks to a new home. If you previously bookmarked http://surf.to/limericks, then you had no problem finding the new site. For everybody else, sorry for the confusion! I hope 2001 will be a better year.

January 19, 2000: I'm sorry there will be few updates in the next month or two; I broke my leg on Christmas. Spare time is not the problem (I have plenty of that now), but typing while laying almost flat on my back is really difficult. So wish me a speedy recovery, and I will add new limericks as soon as I'm feeling better!

November 29, 1999: This month I've added 41 limericks to the Naughty category, 35 limericks to the Nice category, and 2 poems to the Not Quite category.

Hope everybody has a Merry Christmas! Don't forget to check out the Loony Limericks Book Store for not only great limerick books but also great holiday gift ideas.

See previous updates.

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