Not the More Lovely is a circus ride through the manic grin of polite society into a subterranean world of ferals, glamours and the insistent mutterings of magic trying to find it's way out.

It is a carnivalesque physical theater show with poetic text, animation by Sean Jones, music by Greg Giles of 20 Minute Loop, Ian Robertson and Tunnel of Love with musicians Kelly Atkins, Nils Erickson, Mike Romano and the lovely performance work and invention of Gary Dailey, Liz Jahren, Karen Penley, Carrie Peters, Janaki Ranpura, Julie Reid and Jeff Wagner.



The story will be told through a dreamscape of half remembered images dredged up from the sub- and unconscious, small jewels glinting in the dark, outrageous characters careening and posing and a landscape that is forever changing, one minute traveling so deep in the ground you smell the dirt, the next throwing us up into the kitsch of ModBeat 60s green glass beaded curtains.

September 30th - October 22nd, 2005
Fri-Sat 8pm | $12-15 sliding scale

NOHspace 2840 Mariposa Street  San Francisco

For tickets/information: call 415/662-6826 or email

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20 Minute Loop:

Tunnel of Love:


"the politeness quivers, it's a rickety cage"