Blue Water Hunting

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Bluewater Hunting involves going after the fish of the open ocean, like tuna, wahoo, yellowtail, marlin. It is the most extreme form of spearfishing, and it entails serious risks not encountered in reef spearfishing.

IUSA and IBSRC World Record Yellowfin Tuna, 311.3 lbs


Thunnus Thynnus

Black marlin


Stathis coming up with
a 220 lbs black marlin

Andreas Agathos with sailfish


Marlin are excellent sashimi style.

Mako sharks dominate the open ocean. Their presence requires full attention.

The team of Greece during the 1999 Bluewater World Championships

2000 Bluewater World Championships: Terry with wahoo and Cisco with amberjack


Blue sharks are also found in bluewater. They can be a menace if there is fish blood in the water.


White seabass


Stathis with yellowtail