Links to my Korea Photo Albums - Timeline is Jun'73 - Jun'74
Area is the northernmost part of S.Korea, from Seoul to the DMZ - Panmunjom to the Chorwon Valley, Iron Triangle area.
I'm moving photos to whichever sites offers full sized viewing - The main thumbnail link will now go to my collection at where the goal will be to segregate them into same groups if possible.  
The "alternate site" photos are at where you normally have to register to view them, but provided is a temporary pw for viewing - Use
mitski for both the ID and password.

Aerial Photos over Korea - Taken from hueys

Alternate site = (approx 60 images)

Various scenes around Korea

Alternate site = (approx 62 images)

Radar Site 4 - On the DMZ overlooking the road to Panmunjom and the environs of Kaesong city in N.Korea

Alternate site = (approx 60 images)

Panmunjom Truce Area & its Joes

Alternate site = (approx 32 images)

Radar Site 7 - (Yeowl sahn)  On the DMZ overlooking the Chorwon Valley, Iron Triangle area

Alternate site = (approx 55 images)

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