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Hidden Value in Abandoned Buildings

Did you you miss Audrey's presentations at the Chicago Center for Green Technology in June 2014 or during her fourth appearance at the Chicago Green Festival in October 2014  or at Techweek Chicago 2015? If so, do not despair. Plans are in the works for "Hidden Value in Vacant and Abandoned Buildings" to be presented again at more venues in and around Chicago.

In the meantime, you can read Audrey's blog post
in Sustainable Cities Collective.  The post was also picked up in the following online outlets:

As the founder and owner of Knowledge Empowerment, Audrey Henderson brings a wealth of experience to every project, along with a deep understanding of the greater Chicago area.  She has also developed significant ties with internationally recognized authorities to keep pace with the relentless pace of globalization and to gain a broader perspective in research and analysis.

Audrey is also a proud member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, the American Sociological Association, the Chicago chapter of the American Planning Association, the Planning Institute of British Columbia and the Illinois chapter of the United States Green Building Council.


Knowledge Empowerment specializes in writing, research and policy analysis in the areas below:

Asset based community development

Ethnographic and field research
• Fair, affordable, and low income housing policy
• Interview and questionnaire development
• Higher education for nontraditional students
• Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
• Popular, academic and business (trade) writing, web content
• Report writing and results presentation

Social media (online community moderation and blogging)
• Social policy related to popular culture and the arts
• Sustainable urban development policy


If you missed Audrey Henderson speak at the 2012 
Chicago Green Festival, no worries! Read her blog post based on materials included in the presentation.
Since her appearance at the Green Festival, Audrey has been working to develop a practical application that would incorporate vacant and abandoned properties as an asset available for development into affordable housing and socially responsible mixed used developments.
In October 2012, she participated in the 2012 Center for Neighborhood Technology Urban Sustainability Hackathon, along with Dan Fehrenbach, a programmer working with CNT Energy. She and Dan developed the Hidden Value in Abandoned Buildings (HViAB) browser based tool that illustrates amenities and resources, including public transit stations, schools and cultural institutions, located within a half-mile radius of a specific abandoned structure. The platform was a runner-up in the Hackathon. For more information, view the video that describes the HViAB tool, or read any of the news stories listed below.
Audrey will be further developing the HViAB tool and its databases in the coming months by utilizing incubator space from the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship+Innovation at Northwestern University and collaborating with stakeholders in and around Bronzeville. Watch this space for updates.

Watch this space for details on a new crowdfunding campaign on behalf of the Hidden Value in Abandoned Buildings (HViAB) platform. Once the campaign has been launched, you'll learn more about how your funds will support research to further the development of the HViAB tool. Your donations will also facilitate other activities devoted to the eventual launch and development of the Legally Occupy initiative to permanently and legally match vacant and abandoned properties with individuals and households facing housing insecurity, including an interactive charrette to obtain stakeholder input on affordable housing initiatives.

Photo Credit: Audrey F. Henderson
Social Housing in Helsinki, Finland
Affordable Housing and Sustainable Development: Charrette to Launch a New Action Initiative

In May 2011, Audrey Henderson was again invited to speak at the Chicago Green Festival on the topic "Affordable Housing and the Urban Future -- Revisited." PDF file of the PowerPoint presentation available upon request.
In 2009, Audrey Henderson gave a well-received presentation as an invited speaker for the Chicago Green Festival on the topic "Affordable Housing and the Urban Future."
In 2007, Audrey Henderson collaborated with Web Generation in website construction and design for Dallimore's Home Tutoring in English Skills Program, in addition to writing the content for the entire website.

From 2004 to 2007, Knowledge Empowerment was contracted to research and analyze demographic data related to relocation of public housing residents in a major metropolitan area and interpreted the data for inclusion in the confidential annual report submitted to the municipal agency.

In 2004, Audrey Henderson worked with the Chicago Foundation for Women and the Women's Funding Network in developing the beta version of the Making the Case online evaluation tool.

In 2003, Knowledge Empowerment was contracted to develop a database from 140+ physician surveys, analyzing the data with SPSS for a special issue of the Journal for the International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (JIAPAC), "Cardiovascular Risk Among HIV-Positive Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy."

In 2001, Audrey Henderson performed background research and assisted in drafting the Progress of Women and Minorities in the Workplace Report for the Illinois Department of Labor.

Past and Current Client List (Partial):
• Chicago Foundation for Women
• Council for Adult and Experiential Education (CAEL)

The News Hook (Ebyline)

• Evanston (Illinois) Township High School

• Illinois Department of Labor

• JustMeans

• Kingsport (Tennessee) Area Chamber of Commerce
Open Places (Trazzler)

• World Trade Press (A to Z Travel)

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