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Progress Continues Toward the Launch of Knowledge Empowerment's New Home!

After a seemingly endless series of delays, Knowledge Empowerment's online presence is undergoing  a complete reboot!  We're moving house to a new server and the redesign for the website is underway with fresh, relevant content, along with a companion website for the Legally Occupy initiative. Knowledge Empowerment and Legally Occupy will finally unveil their long-awaited new online homes on or before June 1, 2016. 
In the meantime, the present site remains fully operational and live.  If you have questions or wish to contract the services of Knowledge Empowerment, please use the form provided on the contact page.  Be sure to watch this space for further updates.
In the meantime, check out Audrey's blog concerning all matters associated with the built environment on, Sustainable Urban Future!  Universal Currency Converter ®
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Reflections on the Harlem Renaissance

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Watch this space for new active polls in the future!

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